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JULY 11TH, 2013

This is when the next post on The Teresa Jusino Experience will appear.

It’s also my 34th birthday, so I thought it pretty appropriate to celebrate my birth with the…rebirth of my blog?

Sometimes, even I get lost in the shitty metaphors…

Anyway, I’ve been doing some thinking as far as what I want this blog to be for, what I hope to accomplish, and how I hope to interact with you. I’ve been re-prioritizing stuff in my writing life, and working really hard to focus on the things that are actually important while paring down what isn’t. But I need a break from this blog to do that.

It isn’t long, really! Just a couple of weeks (it’s already the second week of June! Can you believe it?). Here’s what you can expect (maybe) upon my return:

  • a new site design
  • new features
  • more photos and videos

And much more! Or maybe less. I’m still figuring things out. The point is, things’ll be a little different around here. And I hope you’ll enjoy the changes! (*please come back*)

In the meantime, as always, you can follow me on Twitter (@teresajusino) or “Like” me on Facebook, where I will continue to post interesting links and fill you in on my writing career in the meantime.




Moffat's Women Doctor Who panel room GeekGirlCon '12 Teresa Jusino

So, as it turns out, being featured on is a pretty big deal. πŸ™‚

If you’ve found your way here because you clicked over from the Doctor Who post I did with Mac Rogers over at…WELCOME!

Feel free to poke around the blog! A little about me: I’m a freelance writer based out of Los Angeles (current outlets include Al Dia, NerdSpan, and Ms In the Biz, which launches MAY 6th – previous outlets include,, Newsarama, ChinaShop Magazine, and Pink Raygun), and I tend to write about:

  • geeky pop culture (love sci-fi and fantasy stuff – TV, comics, film…)
  • music
  • feminism and LGBT activism (usually in the realm of media, though I write about it more generally, too)
  • writing (fiction, TV writing, freelancing in general)
  • issues that face minorities of all types. Again, particularly in media, but elsewhere, too.
  • politics (sometimes)
  • general activism and ways to make the world better
  • whatever strikes my fancy!

So, if you’d like to keep tabs on my fiction and non-fiction, or join me in my journey to make the world a better place one well-placed sentence at a time, subscribe to the blog and stay tuned! You can also follow me on Twitter (@teresajusino), “like” me on Facebook (, follow me on Tumblr (, or check out my pins on Pinterest (

Happy reading! And thanks for stopping by!

The Experience Gets A Makeover!

Nursery School Teresa

Hey there, everyone!

Just a note to let you know that I’m in the process of overhauling The Teresa Jusino Experience! You might have already noticed that it looks a little different around here. Sometimes, a girl needs to change her WordPress theme. πŸ™‚

But more importantly, the content will be different and more structured. I’ve gotten rid of my separate Gender Blender and Geek Girl Traveler blogs and will be incorporating that content here! I will also be adding new features (covering a wider spectrum of topics), as well as getting back to some old ones, which you can read about above under the *FEATURES* tab.

Basically, I wanted to streamline my online presence and make THIS blog the one-stop hub for all things, well, me. So, it’s pretty much just this, my Facebook page, and my Twitter feed. I still have a Tumblr, but it’s now just going to be a feed of my posts here (though if you’re a hardcore Tumblr-head, you might want to continue to follow me there to keep up!). I also have a Pinterest board…but I’m still not quite sure how I use that, even in the middle of using it. I just don’t think I was cut out for Pinterest. But we’ll see.

In any case, I’ll be posting more often about more stuff. Pretty nifty, huh? πŸ™‚ Hope you’ll stick around, and I hope to continue to be at least somewhat interesting. Also, I’ve been on a baby picture kick lately. So don’t be surprised if you poke around and see pictures of me before puberty. That’s part of The Teresa Jusino Experience, too! πŸ˜‰

Update, and Why Garfunkel and Oates Speak to My Soul

By SebbyWhite on DeviantArt.

Hello everyone!

So, there’s a lot going on. But, because there’s so much going on, I haven’t been able to set aside time to write about it properly, because there are too many other things to write/do/prepare for. So, this is just me letting you know that 1) I’m not dead, and 2) that I will be attempting to keep a more regular blog (as well as more regular writing of an internet nature in general) after June 1st, which is an important deadline for me.

Until then, please enjoy the latest Garfunkel and Oates video entitled 29/31. It pretty much speaks to my soul. My 32-year-old, shriveled-ovaried soul:

Clean-Up, Catch-Up, and Intros

Hey there, loyal readers! (all ten of you) You might have noticed that I’ve been a little ayzy-lay in the ogging-blay epartment-day. The past month’s been a little insane. Lots that I’ve tried to accomplish (but haven’t), financial insecurities, and by the way, I’m moving again! πŸ™‚ My third time in nine months. Nothing horrible, mind you. Just time for me to move on. At this rate, I’ll have had quite the grand tour of Los Angeles before my L.A. Year One comes to a close!

However, even though I haven’t been posting much of substance this past month (save my response to Moviefone and this post about Girls), I’ve been sprucing the place up little by little. You might have noticed some new tabs up top – like **MERCHANDISE** and **PRESS** and **SPEAKING.** Check them out!

Also, I’m hoping to get back to some regular features here. Some new, some that I’ve done before and miss doing. I’m hoping to do more with the following old features:

Pop Goes Teresa – wherein I talk about pop music intelligently, because I don’t automatically equate “pop” with “bad” or “unimportant.” (check out one of my posts on Lady Gaga)

Teresa’s Bookshelf – wherein I review books I’ve read and make recommendations! (check out my most recent reviews HERE)

The Fray Project – wherein I challenge myself to be better. Yes, I’m still doing this, and starting next week, I’m getting back into the swing of daily posting on that. (Read all about the project HERE)

There will also be a new feature I’m calling MINORITY REPORT, wherein I will highlight awesome work/projects/progress made by women, racial/ethnic minorities, and LGBT folks in the media. There will be some critical stuff, too, but it’s important to me not only to complain about what’s wrong, but celebrate what’s right. This will be my space for that. And when I say “media,” I mean TV, Film, and Comics. πŸ™‚

I also plan on doing more at my other blogs, The Gender Blender and Geek Girl Traveler, and I will be linking all that content here as it posts.

So, thank you for popping in and giving my words a gander. I hope you’ll come back to hang out and have a chat! I’ve got lots more chatter in store! πŸ™‚

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