So, apparently I didn’t embarrass myself when I was on the Two-Minute Time Lord Doctor Who podcast the first time, so the fabulous Chip Sudderth decided to have me back to take part in a roundtable discussion of Steven Moffat’s showrunning of Doctor Who so far. It was a pleasure taking part in the roundtable with my wonderful Whedonistas and now Chicks Unravel Time editor, Deborah Stanish

Oh, wait. I haven’t told you about that yet, have I? Wasn’t sure if I could talk about it, but since she talks about it in this podcast…Chicks Unravel Time. Sister anthology to the Hugo Award-winning Chicks Dig Time Lords. Coming toward the end of this year. And I’m in it. Huzzah. Stay tuned.

Anyway, in addition to Deb, the roundtable included Doctor Who blogger, Neil Perryman, and Radio Free Skaro’s Steven Schapansky. It’s a great chat.

To give the podcast a listen (and download it so you can cherish it forever), CLICK HERE!