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ANNOUNCEMENT: Representing New-School Whovians in Classic Who Fandom!

So, I finally get to announce two really awesome Doctor Who-related projects with which I’m involved! YAY! For both, I delve into Classic Who, bringing what my editors/publishers have called a fresh, unique perspective to writing about the classic series.

That’s right, mo-fos. If Classic Who fandom is like a duffel bag full of sweaty gym socks, I’m the fucking Febreze.

From the publishers that brought you the Hugo Award-winning Chicks Dig Time Lords and the fabulous Whedonistas (in which I also have an essay), comes the sister anthology to Chicks Dig Time Lords called Chicks Unravel Time: Women Journey Through Every Season of Doctor Who,edited by Deborah Stanish and LM Myles. This is a more ambitious book than Chicks Dig Time Lords in that it’s a season-by-season analysis of the entire series from Hartnell to Smith. Check out the fabulous contributor list HERE. (can you believe I’m in the same book as these people?!)

When I was approached to contribute to the book, I was asked to choose the top three seasons of the show that I’d like to write about. So, I chose one Pertwee season (he’s my favorite classic Doctor), and two New Who seasons. Surely, I’d get one of my choices! Right?


By the time I got my picks in, they’d already been taken, and all that were left were Doctors I haven’t gotten to yet (I’ve only gotten through Tom Baker in classic episodes, so I’ve not seen anything from Davison through McGann) and…*gulp*…the First Doctor. “NOOOOOOOO!” I thought. “I hate that guy! He’s such a toooooooool! Any essay I write will be some variation of Blah-blah-blah-douchebag. Blah-blah-douchebag. Blah-blah-what a douchebag!” But in the spirit of challenging myself, I agreed to write about the second season of Doctor Who, which features stories like “Planet of the Giants,” “The Romans,” and “The Space Museum.”

And I’m so glad I did, because as I re-watched those episodes, I started seeing the First Doctor in an entirely new context. The divide between Classic and New went away, and I started seeing him as the younger version of the 900+ year old Gallifreyan we know today. That changed everything, including how I feel about him. You can read my essay, “All of Gallifrey’s a Stage: The Doctor in Adolescence,” when Chicks Unravel Time is released NOVEMBER 13TH!

And then, once you’ve read my essay in Chicks Unravel Time and have gotten good and sad about the fact that you’ll have no new Classic Who writing from me to look forward to…dry those eyes! Because there’s another anthology coming out in November that will feature my unique take on Classic Who: ATB Publishing’s first book, Outside In: 160 New Perspectives on 160 Classic Doctor Who Stories by 160 Writers, edited by Robert Smith?. (Yes, the question mark belongs there. Robert Smith is a common name. Robert Smith? is not.) This book goes a step further than even Chicks Unravel Time in that it not only examines the show season-by-season, but story-by-story, each contributor writing a review of one Doctor Who story.

Robert approached me about contributing at Gallifrey One earlier this year on the recommendation of my Whedonistas editor, Deborah Stanish (thanks, Deb!), and said that he needed someone to review the Third Doctor’s (squee!) final story, “Planet of the Spiders.” Of course I would! I love the Third Doctor, and would be happy to revisit him. Then Robert stressed that he wanted the reviews in this book to tread new ground. As he says in a blurb on the ATB website:

It’s the biggest, wildest idea I ever had: as many reviews are there are classic series stories. That alone was a huge undertaking. But what really makes this shine is that I put in an additional requirement: say something different. In short, these aren’t your father’s reviews. What I wanted for OUTSIDE IN was takes on the classic series that make you go, ‘Wow, I never thought of that.’ Fortunately, that struck a chord with everyone and I mostly got to sit back and watch everybody bring their A-game to the table.

Some reviews are thoughtful, some are funny, and some are utterly gonzo. I’ve had mock-angry letters to the BBC, transcripts of council meetings, even a recipe. There are flow charts, maps, TV scripts, timelines, Shakespearean plays… and, of course, intensely passionate and vocal opinions about the entirety of Doctor Who. You may not agree with everything that’s said in this book – indeed, I hope you don’t! – but the end result is something intensely personal that every Doctor Who fan will find resonates with them in some way.

*gulp* NO PRESSURE. Just, you know, WRITE ABOUT DOCTOR WHO IN A WAY NO ONE ELSE EVER HAS BEFORE. WHATEVS. I hit upon something, though, and wrote about it in a way that’s pretty damn funny. 🙂 You can check out my take on “Planet of the Spiders” when Outside In comes out NOVEMBER 23rd!

So, November’s a big month if you enjoy me and/or Doctor Who! (Ideally, you love both!) Get ready, because going into the new year there just might be some events happening where I’ll be celebrating these two fabulous books and interacting with you IN PERSON. 🙂 Stay tuned! And get thee to your favorite booksellers in November for Chicks Unravel Time and Outside In!

GirlGamer Post: INKED – Womanthology: Space

Whoa! This is kinda late, huh? All the better to snuggle up with before bed.

You know you snuggle up with my comics reviews before bed. Don’t lie.

Here’s my latest at GirlGamer! My INKED review of Issue #1 of Womanthology: Space, which came out this week!


Like Womanthology: Heroic, Womanthology: Space is a mixed bag, with some stories stronger than others, as is to be expected  with any anthology. “Scaling Heaven,” both as far as the writing and the artwork, is the strongest of the bunch. Everything from the concept and dialogue, to the layout and the beautiful, painterly quality of the art made me wish that “Scaling Heaven” were a longer, more in-depth comic about a renewed fascination with space travel. It reminded me a bit of Warren Ellis’ Orbiter, and I would love to see the story of “Scaling Heaven” fleshed-out into an Orbiter-length graphic novel and published by IDW (*hint, hint*).

To read the full review, or to leave a comment at the post, CLICK HERE!

Tor Post: “Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks”

DOCTOR WHO IS BACK! HUZZAH! Which means I’m back to reviewing it at Reviews will appear every Monday, unless I get hit by a bus or something on a Sunday night. (Dear Universe: don’t let me get hit by a bus.) The Season 7 opener, “Asylum of the Daleks,” was AMAZING! Go on over to to find out why and get in on the discussion!


Rory deserved getting slapped for holding up his 2,000 year stint as a security guard as a sign that he loved Amy “more,” because it cheapened what he did. You don’t do something out of love for someone only to hold it over their head later as proof that you’re an awesome person. That stops being love and starts being about ego. Rory has been blinded by his own insecurity for so long, and since viewers love him, so have many of them, and this often manifests itself as an irrational dislike of Amy. “Look at how she treats him! She’s so mean, and he’s so good!”

So many times, Rory’s insecurity told him that she wanted the Doctor, when really, whenever she talked about the hero that would save her, she was talking about him. She trusted and believed in Rory utterly. Amy has saved him as often as he’s saved her, and she has consistently chosen Rory over and over again even when, as in “Amy’s Choice” or “The Girl Who Waited,” choosing Rory meant sacrificing a version of her own existence. How do you measure which is more meaningful: waiting for someone for 2,000 years, or choosing the reality with Rory in it even if it means you’d be killing yourself in the process? You can’t. Amy and Rory’s relationship was never as black and white as “Rory Good, Amy Harpy,” and “Asylum of the Daleks” took a mature step forward in the handling of their relationship by examining these complexities.

To read the full review, or to leave a comment at the post, CLICK HERE!

Save Crossed Genres!

Hey there, everyone! I know that I’ve been really lax about blogging recently. I had a friend in town and frankly, hanging out with my visiting friend was more important than you people. 😉 But I’m back on the blogging train, and I wanted to tell you all about something really important.

You might have heard of a wonderful sci-fi literary magazine and anthology publisher called Crossed Genres. If you follow my work at all, you know that Crossed Genres was responsible for my first-ever fiction sale (my horror short story, “December”) to their Characters of Color issue! I was so proud and excited to know that a magazine that was doing so much to not only further the careers of new sci-fi/genre writers, but to make sure that points of view not given much attention in the mainstream were heard wanted to publish my story (in a genre I’d never tried before!). Even when later, they decided not to publish a second submission of mine for their Fat Girl in a Strange Land anthology Kay, one of the editors, took the time to critique my story when I asked her to, giving me solid, constructive criticism while continuing to encourage me. It was one of the best rejections I ever got in my whole life. 🙂

Well, Crossed Genres is in trouble. As you can imagine, this economy is taking its toll on small enterprises like indie literary magazines. The thing is, Kay and Bart have been OK with losing money on Crossed Genres, because they cared about it so much! So long as they had their day jobs, they could continue to produce quality fiction collections as a labor of love. However, they’ve recently unexpectedly lost their day jobs, and simply can’t afford to keep Crossed Genres alive anymore. Not without your help!

So, they’ve started a Kickstarter, which you can find HERE. I’ve just backed it myself. They’re only asking for $4,000, which would be just enough to carry Crossed Genres through their planned publications for 2013. Thing is, I don’t want them to just meet their goal. I want them to exceed it. This is a publisher bringing readers work from undiscovered talent and giving voice to those who are often marginalized in speculative fiction, and I don’t want that outlet to disappear. I don’t think any of you do either. I want to do my part to ensure that this publisher stays around for a long time. Let’s see if we can’t get them to $8,000. Maybe even $12,000…

Please support Crossed Genres by BACKING THEIR KICKSTARTER. Do it, because they had the good sense to publish my fiction first. 🙂 Do it, because you want speculative fiction to be a place that’s safe for diversity. Do it, because you love quality fiction. Whatever your reason, just do it.

Thank you!


My latest Geek Girl Traveler post is up over at China Shop Magazine! In it, I tell you all about one of Seattle’s greatest geek destinations, the EMP Museum, home of Battlestar Galactica: The Exhibition (until March 4th), Avatar: The Exhibition, and the largest collection of Nirvana memorabilia ever assembled.


There’s nothing quite like standing in front of Caprica Six’s iconic red dress, or Starbuck’s flight suit. Or, the TWO FULL-SIZED VIPERS and the FULL-SIZED CYLON RAIDER on display. You might be tempted to jump into these awesome vehicles, but as the signs all over the exhibit say, “Don’t touch the frakking artifacts!”

For the full article, CLICK HERE. And if you’ve got any comments, leave them over at the post! Don’t forget to vote (click on the little teacups at the bottom of the article), and stay tuned for more Geek Girl Traveling!

30 Days of Doctor Who – Day 15

DAY 15 – Favorite Rose Moment

Rose As Lady Cassandra

My favorite Rose moment technically wasn’t a Rose Moment at all. It was more of a Billie Piper moment. It was the moment I realized what a wonderful actress she actually is.  When Lady Cassandra, the “last human,” possesses Rose’s body in “New Earth,” we see the mousey, average Rose turn into a sultry, sarcastic version of herself; a version who’s funny and who gets to kiss The Doctor!

And then there’s the part where Cassandra (in Rose’s body), having temporarily occupied the body of a human plague victim and learned the error of her ways, agrees to finally die in the body of her aid, Chip, and we see an even deeper performance from Piper that impressed me greatly. “New Earth” was one of my favorite episodes, and Billie Piper as Rose was one of my favorite things about it.

Also, Rose kisses The Doctor. Hot, right?

30 Days of Doctor Who – Day 14

DAY 14 – Favorite Doctor Moment

“I’m The Doctor. Basically, run.”

Perhaps it’s because Series 5 was the first season I was able to start along with everyone else. Perhaps it’s because Matt Smith’s was the first regeneration I watched as it happened and not on DVD years after the fact. But my favorite Doctor moment, more than any time he’s ever been clever or funny, more than any time he’s saved the world or died tragically, is the moment at the end of “The Eleventh Hour” when the Eleventh Doctor chooses his clothes and fully becomes The Doctor.

My Doctor. Not the first Doctor I’d ever seen (that’d be Nine), but the first I got to experience in real-time. I think that’s one of the many reasons why I love Eleven so much. In addition to all the personality traits I enjoy – his ease with children, his seamless blend of wisdom and youth – I love the fact that I got in on the ground floor. He is the first Doctor about whom I got to form opinions without hearing anyone else’s first. And when he asks the Atraxi if the Earth is protected, and they replayed footage from each of the Doctors before him, it is as if they were reliving my experience with Doctor Who. All that previously recorded footage, and now here’s this new guy standing in front of me with all that history behind him and totally ready to kick ass.

Except I’m not running anywhere. 🙂

30 Days of Doctor Who – Day 13

DAY 13 – Favorite Era visited by The Doctor & Co.

This is a difficult one to answer! Is the meme asking about my favorite EARTH era that The Doctor has visited? Also, which timeline are we talking about?

Such a temporal/species-centric question! 🙂

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll stick to Earth history…

The Far Future

I’m more intrigued by the future than I am by the past, and what sealed the deal for me as far as being a Whovian was the second episode of New Who, “The End of the World,” where we get to see what it would be like to experience a time beyond human existence through Rose. It is such an enormous, yet exciting concept for me, which makes episodes like this one, “New Earth”, “The Impossible Planet”/”The Satan Pit”, or “Utopia”/”The Sound of Drums” fascinating to me. I’m much more interested in seeing the possibilities in where we’ll go as a species, rather than interacting with where we’ve already been.

I guess that’s why I’m more of an aliens/spaceships kind of a girl and less of a Hobbit/dragon/broadsword kind of a girl, because if I had a time machine, that’s where I’d want to go. Which is strange, because I’m not interested in my personal future – like, I wouldn’t want to know when/where/how I’m going to die – but I’m desperately interested in where humanity is going to be in a million years. If it exists at all.

So that’s my favorite Doctor Who era – Humanity’s Far Future. I think what I love most of all about science fiction is the idea that humanity will always be kicking and screaming somewhere in the universe (even if we have to be suspended on racks and moisturized, or pumped with every disease). I love the idea that we’re here to stay.

30 Days of Doctor Who – Day 12

DAY 12 – Scene/Moment That Makes You Giggle

The Doctor As a Woman

The idea of The Doctor being a woman doesn’t make me giggle, but the The Doctor playing a woman does, mostly because in the two times I’ve seen him do it (I’m only in the middle of Tom Baker now as far as Classic Who), he (rather, the actors) seem to be having so much fun!

The first time was Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor dressing up as a cleaning lady in order to hide in “The Green Death.” His outfit, in which he made a convincing older lady, coupled with the voice he did, amused me muchly.

However, there was nothing quite like the Tenth Doctor being possessed by Cassandra in “New Earth!” No drag required – just a really thin man in a well-tailored suit shaking his hips for all it was worth. His voice, too, was perfect, and the performance was EPIC. Comic gold. And “New Earth” is one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes for this, and many other reasons. The same goes for “The Green Death.”

But really, I guess I just have a thing for The Doctor playing with gender!

And now, here’s a picture of Matt Smith in drag. I can only hope that drag will be incorporated into his tenure as the Eleventh Doctor!

30 Days of Doctor Who – Day 11

DAY 11 – Scene/Moment That Makes You Cry

“The End of Time” – I don’t want to go!

I cried several times during David Tennant’s final episode of Doctor Who, but it was his final moment just before regenerating that made me bawl like a little girl. When he says “I don’t want to go!”, it is one of the purest moments of approaching death that I’ve ever seen. So often on television, people face death so bravely and with such acceptance that I can’t believe it after a while. If you love being alive – and Ten loved being alive, while I believed Nine was ready to go, because he wanted to save Rose – then knowing you’re going to die is a frightening, horrible thing. Yes, The Doctor regenerates, and yes, all of his incarnations are the same person. However, it makes sense that each personality would react to regeneration differently, and I thought it was very brave on Russell T. Davies’ part to really examine what the death of an incarnation means to The Doctor; to have The Doctor be not so accepting or brave for once.

To have him be really human.

I wrote about the episode immediately after it aired here at this blog and on, and Ten’s final moment continues to be the moment that made me weep buckets. Vincent Van Gogh seeing his work at the Musee d’Orsay in “Vincent and The Doctor” came close…but “I don’t want to go!” still wins that contest.

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