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Teresa’s Tuesday Round-Up: 10/19/10

What’s up, homies?! 🙂 Told you this feature would be back. In fact, the reason why it hasn’t been here is because NYCC ate me alive, and I’ve been writing my face off. Here are the scribblings that made it to the web within the past week:

GEEK THEATER REVEW OF CIRCUS OF CIRCUS: OCT. 14! Head over to Pink Raygun for my review of a creative, intriguing theatrical adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

NYCC PANEL SPOTLIGHT: IMAGE COMICS WRITERS PANEL: OCT. 14! Check out my write-up of one of the most entertaining and informative writing panels I’ve ever been to at a con over at!

BEST SHOTS RAPID-FIRE REVIEWS: OCT. 14! Check out my latest rapid-fire reviews at Newsarama. I review Knight & Squire #1 and Superior #1.

CAPRICA: S1.5, EP 10 – RETRIBUTION: OCT. 14! My review of the most recent episode of Caprica! (And, you’ll be watching the new episode TONIGHT, right?) 🙂

So, October 14th was a really big day for Teresa Jusino, huh? 🙂 Comic Con was over on the 10th, and I was banging out these articles all while I recovered from three consecutive late nights of daily con write-ups. BOO YA! I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself this past week. There is more NYCC coverage coming – in fact, my NYCC Panel Spotlight of the James Marsters panel hit today – as well as the review of tonight’s episode of Caprica.

That’s a lot of scribbling to keep up with! If you want to always be in the loop, go on and “Like” my Facebook Fan Page!

Also, don’f forget that my short story chapbook, ON THE GROUND FLOOR, is available for purchase! Click the link to the right, and get your copy today!

Lastly, keep your eyes peeled here. There will be big news and new endeavors announced soon!

Teresa’s Tuesday Round-Up: 9/28/10

Sure, it’s not technically Tuesday anymore…but I haven’t gone to bed yet, so this still fucking counts.

Here’s my week in scribbles (9/21-9/27):

BEST SHOTS RAPID-FIRE REVIEWS: SEPT 23! Featuring my reviews of Black Widow #5 and Ultimate Spider-Man #14 (Marvel)

SEX AND THE SINGLE GEEK GIRL: CEE-LO IS A HATER! I love Cee-Lo’s song, “Fuck You”, and I love his video…mostly.  What I don’t love is how the video disses geek girls.  Read why!

DR. SKETCHY WRITE-UP AT TRAZZLER! So, I’ve entered a contest at Trazzler for a sweet writing contract.  I love travel, and this job would send me on a trip to cover the Hudson Valley and would pay $1,200.  Wanna help me land the gig? Go to the link, vote it up, and “save” it to your Trazzler trips.  Thanks!

Until next week!  🙂

Teresa’s Tuesday Round-Up: 9/21/10

Let’s see how regular a segment THIS can be, huh?  🙂

In an attempt to keep track of my online writing shenannigans without bombarding you with a blog post every single time I post something, I’m only going to post them once a week.  On Tuesdays. Because my name starts with a T (and NOT a “Th” as so many people seem to insist), and I’m a fan of alliteration, dammit.

If someone can come up with a T-word to replace “round-up” that would be great.  My brain is tired today.

So, here are my links for this past week (9/15-9/20):

BEST SHOTS RAPID-FIRE REVIEWS: SEPT. 16! Featuring my reviews of X-23 #1 (Marvel), The Unwritten #17 (Vertigo), and DV8 #6 (Wildstorm).

CHINASHOP MAGAZINE POST: SEPT. 20! A Geek Fashion column about the wonderful people at Black Phonenix Alchemy Lab.  Share! Tweet! Rate! Comment! The more views my articles get, the more cashdollars I get, and a paid Teresa is a happy Teresa (is a Teresa who can then write more cool shit for you to read!).

TOR.COM POST: SEPT 20! “Celebrate CAPRICA Day in October!” An article about the new DVD boxed set of Caprica as well as the Caprica Season 1.5 premiere!  Also includes a little promo video I had way too much fun making.

I’ll leave you with the other promo video I made, which needs to be shown some love (even if it does use recycled Chuck Norris/Jack Bauer jokes):

What’s the News(arama)?

I can’t believe I haven’t posted my Newsarama comics reviews here yet!  Bad blogger!  But yeah, so far I’ve participated in three Best Shots columns – two Rapid-Fire reviews and one Advance.  I love how it makes me work my deadline muscle…because seriously, that’s a muscle that can use the work.

Anywho, check out the following for my takes on some recent comic offerings from Icon, Marvel, IDW, Boom!, and Vertigo:

MY FIRST BEST SHOTS RAPID-FIRE REVIEWS! Featuring my reviews of Scarlet #2, Young Allies #4, and Sweet Tooth #13.

MY FIRST BEST SHOTS ADVANCE REVIEW! This one for 28 Days Later #14.

Best Shots Rapid-Fire Reviews for September 10, 2010! Featuring my review of Doctor Who #15.

Enjoy! And thanks for reading!

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