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Incredible Girl Teaches Us About Bathroom Pervertables

The Incredible Girl crowdfunding campaign is going strong over at IndieGoGo, and as of this writing we’ve broken $2000! If you want to help us reach the next milestone ($3000), click on and share this link:

In the meantime, please enjoy Incredible Girl’s first in a series of videos she’s done on “pervertables” – those items around your home that might have more uses than you think! 🙂

I can’t wait to bring this, and all the other colorful characters that are a part of this series to life by producing our pilot! Join the effort to make a show like this a reality!

And thank you!

The Incredible Girl Crowdfunding Campaign is LIVE on IndieGoGo!

FINALLY. After over two years of working on this project – and ending up with a pilot script that I’m immensely proud of – Aurora and I are finally ready to start sharing Incredible Girl with the world! And it all starts with the above video!

For more content, as well as to find out how you can help us produce the half-hour pilot of Incredible Girl, click on THIS LINK: 

If you’re compelled to back the campaign once you’ve visited our IndieGoGo page, please BACK THE CAMPAIGN TODAY! Campaigns that raise 25% of their goal on the first day are statistically more likely to succeed in reaching their goal! Help us be one of those campaigns!

Also, it would just make us really happy and reassure us that we’re not just screaming into the void.  🙂

But seriously, even if you don’t think that the subject matter is your bag, check it out anyway. You may be pleasantly surprised. At its core, Incredible Girl is a story about love and finding your voice. I think those are things you all can get behind, right? 

Whether you can back us or not, remember that sharing is caring! Share the link to the campaign with anyone you know who wants to see more smart, female-led, inclusive, and sex-positive content in the world! 

And we’ll be releasing fun new content throughout our campaign! So if you’re not already, make sure you’re following Incredible Girl on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and on YouTube so you don’t miss a thing!

Stay tuned! The Incredible Girl adventure is just beginning!

(HUGE thanks to Jenny Doll for designing our awesome IG logo, Alec Bernal and Miguel Amodio of Inner Image Media for editing our pitch video, and Kevin Boot for shooting it!)

HOTPIXEL POST: Tom Grey Takes Player Piano to the Next Level

I’m on a roll over at HotPixel! 🙂 Or, rather, we at HotPixel want to make sure to support the efforts of a member of the extended HotPixel family. Here’s a post up at the HotPixel blog about Tom Grey and Sonya Belousova’s Player Piano, and their current plans and IndieGoGo campaign!


For those who missed it, Player Piano is a series where classically-trained pianist, Sonya Belousova, plays covers of everything from film/TV/video game scores to pop/rock, hip-hop, metal, and classical pieces. Grey directs and produces captivating videos to accompany her playing, and so far, the results have been stunning….

[…] Player Piano already produces great videos, but Grey and Belousova are looking not only to take the show to the next level, but to create something that is sustainable for years to come. We at HotPixel really want to see that happen, so we’re reaching out to our community – because we want to see quality content flourish on the internet.

For the full post, some cool videos, a link to the IndieGoGo campaign, or to leave a comment of support for the Player Piano team, CLICK HERE.

Coffee Shop Squatters S2! Make It Happen!

Coffee House Squatters costume 1

Me on the set of Coffee Shop Squatters, Season 1.

Aren’t I the cutest little barista you’ve ever seen?!

Hey, it’s my blog (see the name up top?), so of COURSE I’m gonna make this about me. Except it’s not about me. It’s about them. And by them, I mean Ashleigh Nichols and Eddie Beasley, who are not only two of the coolest people I’ve come to know, but also two of the coolest comedy creators I’ve come to know. Their short film, Summer of the Zombies has done really well on YouTube, and the first season of their web series Coffee Shop Squatters, featuring Laura Spencer (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) and Brody Stevens (Comedy Central, Chelsea Lately) was a hilarious addition to last year’s web offerings.

And if you managed to watch it without blinking, you might have even seen me in it!

Well, Coffee Shop Squatters is BACK with a second season and a new coffee shop owner!

Wait…it’s not gonna be Julie’s Cup o’ Joe anymore?! WHO’S CUP O’ JOE IS IT NOW?!

Wanna find out? Then help get Season Two made. Natch, there’s a crowdfunding campaign. You know what to do:

  • Watch video/Read campaign.
  • Likee? (Or, like me and want to see me wear another really cute apron?)
  • Back the campaign.

It’s just that simple!

Here’s to another season of Coffee Shop Squatters! Because even slacker writers need a place to call home.

RETCON on IndieGoGo!

Logo by the uber-talented Jennifer Lynn (!

If you have been following my goings-on at all (and really, you must have, otherwise why are you here?), you’ve probably heard about the web series RETCON on which I’m a writer/producer. You can follow the show on Twitter, like our page on Facebook, or sign up for our mailing list at our website!

However, today was an important day for the show. Today was the day where we took our first steps toward actually making RETCON a reality. We launched our IndieGoGo campaign!

Me and RETCON creator/star Miley Yamamoto as we (so-not-nervously at all!) launch our campaign.

We’re trying to raise $30,000 by September 30th, and so I’m asking anyone within view of this post to do two things:

1) SPREAD THE WORD. Send the link to the IndieGoGo campaign to everyone you know! If you’re so inclined, spread the link on our behalf once a day for a week. Just one week. It would be such a help.

2) BACK THE CAMPAIGN. If you like the look of the video (many of the same people involved in producing the video will be involved in producing the show) and want this story to be made, or you just want to support a project I’m working on (ideally, you want both!), please give within the first week if you can. Obviously, your backing will be helpful any time during our 30-day campaign! But giving during the first week will help us build some much-needed momentum that will encourage others to give, too.

What video, you ask? Here it is! Watch, and adore:

Amazingly hot actors, a brilliant crew, a funny script, and SEAN MAHER DEMANDING A LATTE! What’s not to love about this video? 🙂

I moved out to L.A. a year ago this week (more on that later! Can you believe it’s been a year already?!) to write and make things. With your help in making RETCON successful, I’ll have a chance to do just that! I’m really proud to be a part of this project, and I hope that we can all go on this journey together. Thank you for whatever you can do!

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