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Teresa at the Movies: The Legend of Billie Jean

The Legend of Billie Jean (1985)
Starring: Helen Slater, Christian Slater, Keith Gordon, Yeardley Smith, Barry Tubb, Martha Gehman, and Peter Coyote (with a big nerd shout-out to Dean Stockwell!)
Logline (from IMDb): 
A Texas teenager cuts her hair short and becomes an outlaw martyr with her brother and friends.

Two Christmases ago, I was at a friend’s White Elephant party, and I’d finally received my gift. It was a big box full of really random stuff. I’m talking magnetic tape, tissues, and a bar of soap random. Also in this box were two DVDs and a Blu-ray: Congo, The Last Boy Scout, and the “Fair is Fair” edition of The Legend of Billie Jean on Blu-ray.

I hadn’t seen any of these movies.

Later, my secret gift-giver, Sam, outed himself at the party, and I thanked him, genuinely grateful, because I hadn’t seen any of these films (and, to be honest, was glad that I didn’t have to pay to see them or know they exist). He immediately zeroed in on The Legend of Billie Jean, being all “Oh my God! You’re going to love this one! I think you in particular will really like it.”

Me in particular? Okay… 🙂

Others started gathering around and squealing enthusiastically. Oh my God! The Legend of Billie Jean! I love that movie! How had I never even heard of this movie before? And how is it that a bunch of people even younger than me had heard of it, and I was six when this movie came out?

It sat on my shelf unwatched until New Year’s Day this year, when I had some friends over for brunch and I busted it out after one of them said it was one of their favorite movies.

Billy Jean (Helen Slater) and Binx (Christian Slater)

Billy Jean (Helen Slater) and Binx (Christian Slater)

Meet Billie Jean and Binx (played by Helen Slater and Christian Slater – no relation), teenage siblings in Corpus Christi, Texas who live in a trailer park. Really the only thing they have going for them at this point are their looks and Binx’s awesome new scooter. Billie Jean gets hit on by a local bro (bruh? brah?) named Hubie. She shuts him down, and like any rational person would, he steals Binx’s scooter while he and Billie Jean are swimming in a lake, and totals it.

She goes to a mechanic, and gets an estimate for $608 to fix the bike, which is a really specific amount. Not $600, not $610, but $608. She tries to go to the police to get them to help, but Detective Ringwald is like ZERO help and gives her advice that’s the equivalent of when parents tell you that if you ignore bullies, they’ll go away. (Real talk to kids being bullied: They DON’T “just go away.” Talk to an adult you trust and get help!)

Anyway, she goes to Hubie’s dad, Mr. Pyatt’s shop to get the money she and Binx are owed for the bike, either from Hubie, or from his dad.

And this is where shit gets real.

Under the pretense of giving her the money, Mr. Pyatt lures her upstairs where he tries to proposition Billie Jean! A layaway plan in which he would get laid, and she’d get her money in installments. Obviously, she’s like NOPE. But then he tries to rape her right then and there! Thankfully, her friends and brother were waiting outside. They come in after Billie Jean after she’s fought Mr. Pyatt off and comes downstairs. Binx has found a gun in the shop, which Mr. Pyatt tells him isn’t loaded – but it totally is – and Binx ends up shooting Mr. Pyatt! He’s not killed, but he’s wounded.

mr pyatt and billie jean


Meanwhile, Billie Jean, Binx, and their friends Ophelia (Martha Gehman) and one of my favorite characters, not just in this movie but OF ALL TIME, Putter (played to perfection by Yeardley Smith) end up going on the lam as outlaws as Mr. Pyatt reports them for shooting him. Detective Ringwald sympathizes with them, and attempts to bring them in “for their own good” (and he’s probably just a little bit guilty that he was absolutely craptastic at his job and none of this would’ve happened had he just looked into it rather than dismissing her!).

Long story short, while on the lam, the friends meet a rich dude named Lloyd that Billie Jean sort of falls for and they hole up with him for a while. It’s at his house, after seeing their story all over the news and watching 1948’s Joan of Arc, she decides to give her self a badass makeover and lean into the legend that has started to come up around her and her friends, sending a message to news outlets demanding the $608 dollars from Mr. Pyatt that she and her brother are owed!

Wackiness ensues, and a Legend is born!

What amazed me the most about this movie is how feminist a movie it is! Sure, it’s in a cheesy 1980s way, but this film definitely has a feminist bent without hitting you over the head with it.

At the beginning of the film, we see Billie Jean scantily clad while swimming in the lake. Throughout the movie, pretty much everyone – from the people in her life, to people consuming her image in the media – remarks on her good looks. This film is about the price young women pay simply to exist (Hint: it’s way more than $608). They are taken advantage of by boys their age as well as older men. If they’re traditionally attractive, things are assumed about them that aren’t assumed about other girls. Their confidence is diminished, no matter how intelligent, beautiful, or assertive they are, because the world is constantly telling them that the only things they have that are worth anything are their bodies. We see all of this pummel Billie Jean in the first half of the movie, so that when she makes the decision to shed it all, it’s all the sweeter.

Even before her transformation, Billie Jean is a strong-willed, smart, kind-hearted character who goes all out to defend her brother, and later, her friends. She’s the one who goes to the police about the scooter, and when that doesn’t work, she goes directly to Mr. Pyatt. Yet, she’s not a “badass.” In Helen Slater’s performance, you see that she’s scared. You see that she’s unsure. She’s still a teenage girl figuring things out. Her bravery isn’t about not being afraid, it’s about acting in spite of her fear. It’s about not letting those who would take advantage of her keep her from her goal.

For her transformation into the “Billie Jean” that ends up becoming a legend and hero to young people everywhere, she takes her inspiration from an influential woman from history – Joan of Arc – who fought to defend her country with everything she had, and was burned at the stake for her trouble. No one convinced Billie Jean to do it, or gave her the idea. She was inspired and thought it through all on her own. Later, when things change, she makes her decisions based on what’s best for the safety of her friends. She never backs down, but she always remains considerate of others.

Billie Jean isn’t the only amazing female character in this. I’m absolutely in love with Putter, the youngest, tomboy-ish friend that tags along with them. Watching Putter go through this movie is one of the most interesting depictions of a young girl going through puberty that I’ve ever seen as we see her slowly morph from a girl who eats all the time and tries to steal candy by shoving it under her shirt, to a young woman who’s gotten her period, asks for a diaphragm, and stands up for her friend in a police precinct.  It’s rare that a female coming-of-age story is told at all, especially in the 1980s, and especially with such humor and poignancy and allowing the character such agency. Ophelia is less well-executed, but even she takes a journey as she is inspired by Billie Jean to go on the lam when she was only going to drive them to a certain point, and screams at the cops when they try to get Billie’s location out of her. Between those two and Billie Jean’s growth, we have a wonderful examination of young girls growing into powerful young women.

billie jean and binx

But seriously, do you hang out with your siblings like this? They’re just so…glisten-y and…close.

Equally impressive are the boys in the girls’ lives. Sure there are predators like Mr. Pyatt and Hubie, and the general public who would wear her image and sensationalize her story. But there are also guys like Binx, who supports and defends his sister, but defers to her when necessary. There’s no macho posing with him. Sometimes, he looks after Billie Jean, sometimes Billie Jean looks after him. And then there’s rich boy Lloyd (who’s also the son of Dean Stockwell’s DA), who comes off skeevy at first, but when we (and Billie Jean) get to know him, we realize that he has more depth than we thought, and that he values Billie Jean, not for her looks, but for her character. He supports and encourages her plans, and becomes a great sounding board for her. He genuinely respects her, in addition to being attracted to her.

And of course, there’s the fact that once Billie Jean becomes “Billie Jean,” both young girls and young boys are inspired by her. She becomes a larger-than-life folk hero in androgynous clothing and people of all genders start dressing like her and being inspired by her. This isn’t a “girl power” movie – it’s a “youth power” movie, and it’s nice to see a young female character as the face of that, without emphasis being placed on her Face.

Lastly, we have a rare instance in this film of a sexual predator actually being brought to justice by the young woman he victimized. Not only does Billie Jean force him to admit what he did to her in front of the whole town, but the town stands by and lets his store burn down. They have spoken – they will not tolerate this kind of behavior. It’s a far cry from what we read in the news today: media outlets and citizens alike being more concerned with the lives of alleged perpetrators than they are with their victims. No one tells Billie Jean that she “ruined this man’s life.” They stand with her.

The Legend of Billie Jean isn’t a perfect movie (there’s plenty in it that’s just ridiculous), but it’s an inspiring one. And really, isn’t inspiration what we want from our films? There’s a reason why this is a cult classic. If you push aside the cheesy 1980s trappings, there’s actually a movie that makes you think under there.

On a scale of okay to really fucking rad, I give The Legend of Billie Jean two fists up!

billie jean red-head kid

Oh, and you were right, Sam. I totally loved this fucking movie.


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Twelve Posts of Christmas #3: The Hottest Love Scene in Film

Prepare to think I’m a weirdo.

I bring up what I think is the hottest scene in film now, because the hottest scene to me is in a film that’s often associated with Christmas.

Whenever I’m in a conversation where people are talking about what they think are the hottest scenes in film, I always bring up this one:

See? Told you I was a weirdo.

But seriously, this scene in It’s a Wonderful Life is insanely hot precisely because they can’t give into their passion and rip each other’s clothes off, both because of the censors when this movie was made and because of the circumstances of the scene (her mother is right upstairs, they’re on the phone with Sam Wainwright).

But if you stare at Jimmy Stewart’s face during the whole thing, and watch the way his jaw clenches, you know he wants to throw Mary up against that bannister. It’s palpable. And Mary’s afraid to even look at him throughout most of it, because if she does, she will be overcome with her feelings for him. And they aren’t just innocent, sweet love feelings. I mean, yeah, she’s had those innocent, sweet love feelings for him since she was a girl, but in this scene she’s a grown-ass woman, and she insists on using the same phone as George, even after her mother gets on the extension, because she needs to be physically close to him.

And the KISS. When George makes his last attempt to fight his feelings for Mary, shaking her and yelling about doing what “I wanna do” then kisses her all over, he kisses her as IF he’s tearing her clothes off. I always hold this scene up as the Gold Standard of sexual energy and heat without actually needing to have sex on screen. Don’t get me wrong, sex in film has its place.

But George and Mary in It’s a Wonderful Life are hotness personified. Think of me what you will. 🙂


Buffy Reboot: The REALLY Big Bad

So, I’ve read that there’s a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot film in the works. Here is why I think this is a REALLY BAD IDEA:


You don’t reboot a franchise that’s only been off the air SEVEN YEARS. You just don’t. It’s a stupid, stupid thing to do. Last year’s Star Trek reboot came OVER FORTY YEARS after Star Trek: The Original Series, and FIFTEEN YEARS after the last film that featured members of the original cast. Meanwhile, Buffy the Vampire Slayer hasn’t even been off the air for ten years, and the world of the show is being continued – BY Joss – in comic book form. The fandom is still alive and well with no “franchise fatigue” in sight!

The Buffy reboot’s writer, Whit Anderson (who doesn’t even have a picture up on her IMDB page, and who only has credits as an actress – the biggest of which is as a “Patron” in the film Yes Man), likens this reboot to that of the Batman franchise with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Um, no.

First of all, Batman is OVER SEVENTY YEARS OLD and its creator is dead. It could STAND reimagining every now and again. Secondly, the films she cites weren’t “reboots” so much as adaptations of Frank Miller’s version of Batman. These films were basically created so that the film version of Batman would match what currently existed in the comics, just as previous Batman films and TV shows reflected the comics of their time. So, for her analogy to work, she’d either have to be adapting Buffy: Season Eight comics to film, or having her film match the show so that the film Buffyverse is updated from the Kristy Swanson/Luke Perry film. Either way, what she’s doing is redundant, and insulting, mostly because the CREATOR OF THE ORIGINAL SHOW IS STILL HERE AND WORKING. Which leads me to…


Joss IS Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Yes, he was even the less-than-stellar first film version. It’s Joss’ singular humor and take on life that made Buffy what it is. It’s what CONTINUES to make Buffy what it is in its comic incarnation. First of all, who is Whit Anderson, and why was she given the keys to ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR FANTASY FRANCHISES EVER?! Secondly, with Joss still alive and kicking and Creator of the Buffyverse, anything Anderson comes up with will feel like fan fiction. Granted, it might be very good fan fiction. But it won’t feel genuine. It will, at best, feel like a really good imitation. If you’re a first-time screenwriter, why would you want your first project to be a ventriloquist act?

Meanwhile, Joss has responded to all of this with a wonderful mix of candor and humor. My favorite bit?

“I’m glad you asked for my thoughts on the announcement of Buffy the cinema film.  This is a sad, sad reflection on our times, when people must feed off the carcasses of beloved stories from their youths—just because they can’t think of an original idea of their own, like I did with my Avengers idea that I made up myself.

It’s true. He IS doing a reboot. Thing is, THE AVENGERS IS OLD, TOO! And the movie has the blessing of the creator, Stan Lee, and is being PRODUCED BY THE PUBLISHER OF THE AVENGERS. Also, Joss has written for Marvel before, so he’s part of the family. So, it’s really nothing at ALL like what Anderson & Warner Bros. are doing.

I would get more up in arms about this, but the fact is this was a VERY early announcement and the script isn’t even written yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if we never heard about this project again, and it spent eternity in Development Hell.

It can keep Joss’ version of Wonder Woman company.

2009 Year In Review

Since 2004 I’ve been doing a Year In Review post.  It’s a great way for me to look back on both the good and the bad of the past year, and it’s a great way for anyone reading to get a brief glimpse into the awesomeness that is my life!  🙂  If you’d like to stroll further down memory lane than this post will allow, feel free to check out my past Years In Review: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.

And now….*drumroll*  TERESA’S 2009 YEAR IN REVIEW:

** began 2009 having brunch with some wonderful people, then fooling around with a cute boy in his car and, later, in my empty house.  Haven’t hung out with said cute boy again, but still, quite a way to start the year! 🙂

Me and Mariah the day we met!

** 2009 was the first full year I had mentoring Mariah through iMentor.  It was, and continues to be, a really cool, rewarding, challenging, interesting experience.

** OBAMA OFFICIALLY SWORN IN AS PRESIDENT! Was finally rewarded for my campaigning efforts and activism.

** Saw In the Heights, which has since become one of my favorite musicals!  Met Lin Manuel Miranda afterward…he’s such an inspiration.

** MET JOSS WHEDON with Adam! You can read about the experience here.  🙂  He was at the Apple Store in SoHo promoting Dollhouse, which premiered this year.  I enjoy the show, but don’t consider it Whedon’s best work.  Am hoping 2010 brings more interesting projects from him.

Me and Neil Gaiman at Housing Works bookstore

** MET NEIL GAIMAN! I’d been familiar with him since reading Sandman in 2004, but for some reason his work resonated with me this year more than it ever has, and I began devouring everything he’s ever written.  I met him for the first time at a reading he did at Books of Wonder in NYC that I attended with Adam, then several times at signings after that.  A talented and really sweet human being.

** DISCOVERED AMANDA PALMER! I’d vaguely heard of The Dresden Dolls ages ago, but it wasn’t until this year when my following Neil Gaiman led me to the solo music of Amanda Palmer.  Turns out, she’s not only a talented songwriter and a kick-ass live performer, but she’s inspiring in the way that she pursues art relentlessly, uses the internet to its best advantage, and works so hard to stay connected to her fans.  One of the best discoveries I’ve made this year.  Saw her perform live and met her twice.  Also a very cool, thoughtful person.

** Saw Eve 6 in concert for the second time at Mulcahy’s with Robin, Matt, and Sam.  They’ve still got it!  By the end of the concert I was drenched in sweat and felt energized and alive.  It was a good time!

** SAW STAR TREK!  Great, great movie.  So great, in fact, that I saw it in the theater about six times!  🙂  God, but I love JJ Abrams.  Also love Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto!  Rrrawr!  😉

** Met and hung out with Jasika Nicole and her awesome girlfriend, Claire, before they followed Fringe to Vancouver.  Not only is she an awesome actress and a fabulous artist, but she’s a sweetheart and makes killer Rice Krispy treats!  🙂  Had a lot of fun at her going-away party, and I was also happy to meet her amazing cadre of friends.

** Attended Dr. Ruth Westheimer’s 81st birthday party/book party/documentary screening at the National Arts Club, NYC.   I have to say, it felt strange to not only be one of the few people there under 50, but also one of the few people there other than the people working the party that makes less than $40,000 a year.  Still, it was a nice time, and there was some good, fancy food.

Me, Liz#2, and Adam at the Highline Ballroom after the Girlyman concert

** MET GIRLYMAN for the first time at their show at the Highline I attended w/Adam and Liz#2.  Liz#2 got her boobs signed by the whole band.  A great show, and they couldn’t be cooler people.

** Signed up on OKCupid, and had only one correspondence end up in an actual date.  The date wasn’t successful, but the guy was nice enough, and I was happy to get my first online date out of the way.

** Went to Wizard World Philly to volunteer at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund table.  The con itself was boring (except for when I got to MEET EDWARD JAMES OLMOS, who was the coolest dude ever, and signed my sketchbook in Spanish), and I was really annoyed/disheartened by the level of cynicism displayed by the people with whom I was volunteering (why work with the comic book industry at all if all you’re going to do is look down on the people who enjoy them?), but I was staying with Lisa and John of Pink Raygun fame, and I had a great time with them! They introduced me to a whole bunch of cool people by bringing me to an awesome clambake party…and I ended up hooking up with a friend of a friend of theirs.  🙂  That was a good, fun night.

** Was asked to be a comic reviewer for  Wrote a couple of reviews, blog entries, articles for them, had a lot of fun doing it, and really enjoyed working with the editors.  However, I stopped writing for them after a while, because it was too much work to be doing for free.  I made the decision that, other than Pink Raygun, I’m not going to write for any other websites unless they pay me money.

** Met a lot of cool friends this year, including – but not limited to – Lori, Emily, Ellys, Mary, Matt, Sam, Trisha, Laurie (in the UK), Janice, Sonia Aurora, etc.  If I missed you, I’m sorry! I’ve met a lot of people this year!

** Speaking of cool people, I interviewed artist, MOLLY CRABAPPLE, for Pink Raygun, and since then have become friendly with her, and been to her fabulous Dr. Sketchy’s live drawing sessions several times. Have also met her boyfriend, fellow artist, Fred Harper, and her frequent collaborator and friend, John Leavitt.  Attended the release party for Molly’s new graphic novel, Scarlett Takes Manhattan, and had the pleasure of introducing myself to Gala Darling, one of my favorite bloggers.  Would love to get to know all of them better in the coming year!

** Attended my first NY Liberty game w/Emily, Liz#2, and Adam.

Me filming a scene from "The Pack"

Me filming a scene from "The Pack"

** SHOT 3 EPISODES OF THE PACK.  Originally, The Pack was created as an entry for an NBC digital shorts contest.  NBC turned their noses up at us, but we’re continuing with the project.  Liz, Alex, and I hope to buy better equipment and I hope to write better, tighter scripts.  However, shooting those three episodes was A LOT of fun, and taught us SO MUCH.  It also established the fact that once we organize ourselves and get the equipment we need, we can’t fail, because we’re working with an AMAZING cast and crew.  Everyone involved in this project is so talented and passionate about what they do.  We are very, very lucky to have them all.

** CELEBRATED MY 30TH BIRTHDAY! You can read about my fabulous, 30s-themed birthday celebration here.  It was a great night, and I have to say that, so far, my thirties kind of rock!

** Midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with Robin, Matt, et al.  I thought it kicked major ass.  Robin disagreed.  Vehemently.  🙂

** Star Trek Convention in Parsippany!  🙂  A lot of fun – but it would’ve been more fun had people come with me.  Conventions are always more fun when attended with friends.  Still, I MET LEONARD NIMOY, albeit very briefly, so that’s really all that matters!

** Raised over $1,000 for the RDC “Fallen Comrade” Fund to help Liz#2 with expenses incurred because of her broken leg.  I have to say I was very proud of myself for being able to pull that together, and I was so glad to be able to be of some concrete help.

** Was a housesitter extraordinaire – first for Jean and Kevin as I watched their pets while they were away (and I somehow got some kind of throat virus in the process), then for a friend of my friend, Elizabeth’s, in Larchmont watching HER dog.  I have to say, I really like housesitting.  It’s good to get away from communal living for a bit.

** KATIE GOT PREGNANT! That didn’t happen to me, obviously, but I was SO THRILLED about it, it had to be included.  She’s due in March…

** Saw Burn The Floor with Lori.  GREAT show!  I wish I could move like that.  Developed a crush on a German dance couple.  🙂

** Saw The Bacchae with Merle in Central Park.  Boooooring.  Still, Jonathan whassisface is hot.  🙂

Eileen, Vanessa, Joanna, and Me at Martha's in Forest Hills

** After reuniting at my 30th birthday shindig, Eileen, Joanna, Vanessa and I had an epic, old-school hanging out session.  Did I mention this was EPIC.  These are my oldest friends.  I’ve known these ladies since I was knee-high to a grasshopper (I’ve known Vanessa since I was about 3, and I’ve known the other two since I was about 5).  I thought it so cool that we’re all still friends – that we’re even BETTER friends now than we’ve ever been before!

The Cool Kids Table at the post-wedding brunch: Jessica, Nicole, Mrs. Zalas, Lindsay, Andie, Adam, Dana, Me, and Justin

** Trip to MICHIGAN w/Adam followed by ALANA AND ROB’S WEDDING in Chicago.  It was so cool seeing so many people that I don’t get to see nearly often enough.  Became better friends w/Adam’s mom, Joan.  Got to know his dad, Bill, and his stepmom, Kris better.  Got lost for 5 hours in Pyramid Point park with Adam, but made it out alive.  Met family and family friends of his that I’d only ever heard about before, including the infamous Donna!  Also, met Whitney and Casey who are really cool, and got to hang with Carsen, Sasha, Ruthie, Dana, Justin, Lindsay, as well as the Couple of the Hour.  The wedding itself was SO MUCH FUN.  I could’ve done without the threesome going on in my hotel room, but now I know to choose my roommates better on the next trip.

** Entered, and lost, the 2009 NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Contest.

** Went to a benefit screening of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog at Symphony Space, featuring a Q&A w/Joss Whedon, moderated by Ira Glass, with Adam and Liz#2.  As Liz#2 was still in a wheelchair because of her broken leg, we were let into the lobby first.  Joss Whedon walked right past us in the empty lobby and said hello as he went out to mingle with the people standing on line outside.  We would’ve missed him were it not for Liz#2’s eagle eye.  As he walked by, I said “Hello, Television’s Joss Whedon.”

** Discovered the wonder that is Roller Derby!  Saw Whip It, which I loved.  Went to my first Gotham Girls Roller Derby bout between the Queens of Pain and the Brooklyn Bombshells and had a great time!  I’m looking forward to spending the whole season with them in 2010!

** Met the woman who will hopefully be my future literary agent at a “Breaking Into Publishing” seminar I went to w/Adam at NYU.

** Other fun, work-related shindigs I went to included going to the Fashion for Dummies book party and seeing Chita Rivera perform at Birdland.  Fun evenings, both!

** Saw Jonathan Safran Foer for the UMPTEENTH time at a signing for his newest book, Eating Animals.  He remembered me. 🙂  We’ll see if his book can convince me to become a vegetarian…

** Attended a wonderful event called Salon97, a laid-back classical music salon organized by my friend Kevin’s fabulous wife, Cariwyl.  Met some cool people, including a woman named Ami who works for  We had lunch, she introduced me to’s head honcho, Pablo, and I’ve been offered a chance to write for the site!  2010 is going to see even MORE geeky writing from me!

** Discovered THE BEST INDIAN FOOD IN NEW YORK CITY with Ruth, Joe, and Lindsay.  I’m not gonna tell you where it is, though, because I don’t want word getting out about it too much.  If you want to go, you’ll just have to make an appointment with me, and I’ll take you there.

Me and a liter of beer. Standard fare at Studio Square!

** This year saw the beginning of the Studio Square Table – the name I gave the writing workshop started by Jean, and which includes her, me, Alex, and Adam.  It’s been great so far, and I look forward to lots more writing criticism, and enormous mugs of beer with them in the coming year!

** Officially became a Whovian! (that’s a fan of Doctor Who, not, like, a resident of Whoville, or something equally Seussian…)  Great – yet ANOTHER TV show for me to be obsessed with.  🙂

** Discovered the work of writer, Paul Cornell.  Not only do I love his work on Doctor Who, as well as his comics (DARK X-MEN!), but he participates on his blog really actively and seems like such a genuinely nice person.  I look forward to reading more of his in the coming year.

** Thanksgiving at my sister’s place – where it seemed like we’re becoming closer than ever!  🙂  Christmas at my brother’s place – also a great time even though the kids ran me ragged.  I lurve my family.  🙂  Actually, the holiday season was jam-packed with more parties than I expected!  Christmas Eve saw an impromptu Christmas party happen at my house – Sebastien and Diana cooked an amazing dinner, and we had a bunch of people over, including Ellys, Emily, Mary, Adam, Diana’s friends, Patrick, Sam, Ashley, and some other folks whose names I didn’t catch. Lots of fun, and I got some great gifts, including a very special rubber duckie!  On Christmas Day, I celebrated Jewish Christmas, and hung out w/Adam, Ellys, Emily, Robin, Matt, and Sam to go see Sherlock Holmes, then went back to my house to be met up with by Mary and eat Chinese food while watching Wet, Hot, American Summer.  Also a great night.

** New Year’s Eve spent at Robyn’s new place that she just got with her boyfriend, Jerry, who is cool as all get-out.  Partied with them, Robin and Matt, and Brian and Carl, and made new friends in Maggie, Keith, Roger, and Evelyn. It was a great time.  There’s nothing quite like standing on a roof in the middle of NYC celebrating the new year!  Also, there’s nothing quite like interpretive dance the way Robin and I do it:

Well, that’s it!  WHEW!  This has been a truly eventful year.  Thanks to my wonderful family and all my amazing friends for making it so wonderful.  I love you all. Here’s to a wonderful, exciting, fulfilling 2010 for all of us!

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