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24 Hours to “Midnight” – December

As you might have heard via my Twitter feed or my Facebook page, my short story, December, made it to the second and final round of  the NYC Midnight Short Story contest!  At 11:59PM tonight, I’ll be receiving a Genre and an Object, and I’ll have 24 hours to write a 2,500 short story to compete for the grand prize!  EEEK!  Wish me luck!

And in the meantime, please enjoy my short story, December.  The Genre I was given was “A Ghost Story.”  My object?  “A Piano.”  I’m actually rather proud of how this turned out!  I’d never written a ghost story before, but I think this ended up being appropriately creepy!  I’ll let you lot be the judges:


Odds and Ends: Caprica Post, Doctor Who Audio Submission, and Other Writerly Stuff

First things first…check out my latest post, Caprica S1, Ep 2: “Rebirth.” It’s my review of the first new episode of Caprica after the 2hr pilot that came out on DVD and was finally aired 2 weeks ago.  I was really excited for this episode, and I was not disappointed!


Fans of Caprica and Battlestar Galactica were finally treated to a new story this week with Caprica’s first new episode, “Rebirth.” (You can watch the episode on or Hulu on Wednesday) For any of you who might have worried about the legacy of Battlestar or whether a prequel show was necessary, worry no more. Caprica is proof that the legacy of Battlestar Galactica is thoroughly intact, and that the Battlestar universe is so rich and complex that one could tell its stories forever, and each story would be just as necessary.

For the full review, CLICK HERE.

I’m having a bit of trouble writing my next (and final!) Moffat’s Women post for Tor, mostly because the final episodes about which I’m writing are so dense and complex that I don’t know where to begin.  Also, I’m not only writing about ONE woman from that episode, but FOUR (Five if you count me briefly commenting on his writing of Donna).  Also, I think I’ve been burning myself out a bit lately.

I’ve been a busy writerly bee.  Here are some things I’ve been working on lately:

  • I’ve submitted a 2,500-word short story to the NYC Midnight short fiction contest.  I had to write a ghost story incorporating a piano.  I’ve never written a horror story before, but I think I ended up writing something appropriately creepy!  I’ve let a couple of friends read it, and I’ve gotten positive, creeped-out reviews.  🙂  I’ll be posting the story here once we get closer to March, which is when I find out if I’ve made it to the next round.
  • I’ve submitted a pitch to Big Finish, which is the production company in the UK that does the popular Doctor Who audio adventures.  They put out a call for new writers and asked for a Fifth Doctor/Nyssa story pitch with a synopsis no longer than 500 words along with 2pgs of the script.  I did the best I could considering I’d only read about this opportunity the DAY BEFORE THE DEADLINE on Paul Cornell’s blog.  But I’d had an idea for a Doctor Who story floating around in my head for a while, so it isn’t as though I made up my pitch just for this.  I was really glad for this opportunity actually, last-minute though it was, because it gave me an excuse to flesh out my story and turn it into something.  I even managed to use the Fifth Doctor’s love of cricket as part of the plot!  Big Finish has received double the amount of submissions they were expecting!  1,200 in all, I think.  They were aiming to have them all read by the end of February, but now who knows when we’ll hear about whether we’ve been selected or not.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me, kids!  This would be a slammin’ opportunity.  Meanwhile, there’s another Doctor story in my brain, but I’m saving that for a comic script.  Details on that to come.

And here are some things I’m working on now:

  • that pesky final Moffat’s Women Tor post
  • I’d like to start writing about comics for Pink Raygun again, and am planning pieces on a couple of comics I think are great, but overlooked.  Also, there’ll be a piece on why I hate both Veronica AND Betty.
  • I’m entering a Dollhouse essay contest being judged by JANE ESPENSON!  Winners get a cash prize and will be published in a forthcoming anthology of Dollhouse essays from Smart Pop Books.  I’m currently whittling down my ideas for an essay topic, and will have to write it within the next week.  Did I fall asleep…?
  • I’m submitting something, a non-fiction piece this time, to Make/Shift Magazine.  They just sent out a submission call for their next issue.  I’ll probably submit a fiction AND a non-fiction piece.  After all, the last thing I sent them did get me this really nice response: Dear Teresa, Thank you for sharing your work with us. While we found this story quite moving, it happens not to fit with our vision of our upcoming issues. We hope you find a home for it elsewhere, and we would be happy to receive other submissions from you.  All the best,
    The Make/shift Collective (that was for Talking About William).  However, I think that the way things are going, if I’m going to be published, it’s going to be a non-fiction piece that gets there first.  I need to stop being ashamed of the fact that my non-fiction tends to get me noticed a lot more than my fiction, and I need to start using that to my advantage.  Dammit!  🙂
  • And then there’s The Pack.  I’m still reworking Episodes 1-4, and I need to write 5 and 6.  I had a great meeting last weekend with Liz and Alex, where we discussed how our collaboration is going to work.  I realized two things: First, that I need their help, Alex’s in particular (though Liz came up with a hilarious idea at the meeting, too), to make these scripts everything they can be.  They are not going to be perfect on their own, and they’re not going to be perfect with only my input.  The other thing I realized?  I’ve never written anything collaboratively before – never been a part of a “writer’s room” scenario – and it scares the shit out of me.  It’s insecurity, and I know it.  I’m petrified that once I let other people start working on a script of mine, their ideas will be so much better than mine that they’ll overtake what I wrote originally, and my name will end up being last on a long list of writers of that episode who are more talented than me.  I’m afraid that the thing I’ll learn from having people tinker with my script is that I really shouldn’t have been trying to write a script in the first place, and that I should just pack it up and go home.  I don’t know why this is such a terrifying thought when I never even wanted to be a screenwriter to begin with, but there you are.  And I need to get over it.  I’m glad that we’ve figured out how this is going to work and that I have Alex’s and Liz’s support, because I need the practice.  If I ever expect to do this for a living, it’s nice to be able to get practice at it with my really smart and funny friends.  And when I feel insecure, I need to remember that there’s a reason why Liz and Alex wanted to do my show idea in the first place.  It can’t be all bad, right?  *sigh*

Writing makes me so emo sometimes.  🙂

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