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Join Me at ONA 2015!


Thanks to a recommendation from the lovely Sophia Flores-Cruz from Sci-Fi Latino (thanks, @latinageek!), I’ve been invited to participate on a panel at the Online News Association’s 2015 Conference this year!

It’s a panel called Whose Idea of the Future is This? Here’s the official description:

Rapid advances in tech and shifting population dynamics in the United States ensure we are destined for a future beyond current white-male-dominated media thinking. We’ve assembled a group of experts on futurism to look at predictions and possibilities for how our society is changing, and help rethink our approach to media, technology and our communities.

Basically, we’ll be talking about diversity in sci-fi/dystopia and how it relates to media. 🙂

I was so honored to be asked, and to be sharing a stage with the digital editor at The Atlantic, a futurism scholar, and a talented author/filmmaker who’s an expert in Afro-Futurism. It should be an interesting discussion!

Despite what the website currently says about it, my panel has actually been changed to Friday, September 25th from 3:30-4:30PM. So, if any of you out there are digital journalists, journalism students, or simply so interested in digital journalism and media that you want to hang out with online journalists all day and listen to me and others talk about visions of the future, join me at ONA15!

Incredible Girl and Supergirl Radio Events This Weekend! (Also, Sorry I've Been MIA)

Cupcake Dominatrix character poster - featuring me!

Cupcake Dominatrix character poster – featuring me!

Hey there, everyone! I’m sorry that I’ve not been blogging much lately! Between The Mary Sue and getting scripts ready for writing fellowships with Adam this year, I’ve been crazed. But I wanted to pop in to tell you about two events going on this weekend that you may be interested in if you’re down with the projects I’m working on!

So, what’s the deal with the poster of me bound? 🙂 This is one of the first poster images from Incredible Girl, the digital series I’ve written and am currently co-producing and fundraising for. In an effort to build our base and support, we’re going out into the BDSM community – which features prominently in the series – to raise awareness and make friends! So this weekend, from TONIGHT through Sunday, May 17th, we’ll be appearing at L.A’s DomCon – the world’s premiere professional and lifestyle domination convention!

IG Poster (IG-sub)

Our main Incredible Girl character poster featuring my partner-in-crime, Celia Aurora de Blas, as the titular Incredible Girl!

We’ll not only have a table in the vendor’s hall (complete with a spanking booth and giveaways Fri, Sat, and Sun!) all weekend, but we’ll be hosting the Opening Ceremonies in character as IG and Cupcake, screening our teaser footage, and appearing at Friday night’s Play Party AND Saturday night’s Fetish Ball! So if you want to pop by, indulge your curiosity, support our show, and see me in a cute new corset I just bought, come check it out!


Whether learning more about BDSM is your thing or not, I’m sure there’s something all of us can agree on. Fuck cancer, am I right? As you may know, Supergirl Radio – the Supergirl fan podcast I host with the lovely Rebecca Johnson – is part of a family of podcasts called DCTV Podcasts, which includes Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast, Legends of Gotham, and The Flash Podcast (as well as the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow Podcast!). We’re all teaming up for a massive super-powered marathon this weekend to raise money in support of the Winship Cancer Institute, to which we all have a very personal connection through my co-host, Rebecca. Check out the details about the fundraiser/marathon and find out how you can donate HERE. Our goal was a paltry $500, which we’ve already raised thanks to our generous listeners. But we’d love to raise as much as possible, so give the marathon a listen and donate what you can! Sadly, I won’t be able to participate, because I’ll be at DomCon, but one of Supergirl Radio’s fabulous regular guests, Michael Bailey, will be joining Rebecca to talk about Supergirl in the DC Animated Universe! It’s sure to be a great time!

Thanks so much for your continued support of my work and my various projects. I promise, I’ll be getting back on the blogging train soon. In the meantime, enjoy those fun photos up top! 😉



YOU ARE HERE: WriteGirl's Latest Book Has Launched!

The new WriteGirl anthology has arrived!

The new WriteGirl anthology has arrived!

I continue to be awed and inspired through my involvement with WriteGirl. Every year, WriteGirl publishes an anthology of work written by both mentees and mentors in the program, and this weekend was the book launch of their latest publication. It’s called You Are Here: The WriteGirl Journey, and it’s a beautiful volume that contains some really affecting, emotional prose and poetry, as well as some wonderful writing exercises for the teenagers in your life.

The book launch was held at the Mark Taper Auditorium at the L.A. Public Library on 5th Street in DTLA, which is a beautiful building and a great space to work (support your local libraries, y’all!). I was there volunteering to help sell books at one of the book tables at the event, but I was also able to attend the actual reading…

2013-12-29 21.46.12

The Mark Taper Auditorium is such an awesome venue. It’s so great that they partnered with WriteGirl for this event!

I'd heard this girl read her work before at other WriteGirl events, and she's amazing. Such a lively reader!

I’d heard this girl read her work before at other WriteGirl events, and she’s amazing. Such a lively reader!

It was incredible. About fifteen girls read their original work from the anthology, and I was flummoxed by how good their work was. It reminded me of how much potential and fearlessness I had as a young writer, and I have to say I envied them. They wrote in a way that I used to, but seem to have forgotten. Putting everything on the page shamelessly – because when you’re a teenage girl, you don’t care how “melodramatic” you sound. You’re not guarded, or ashamed of your feelings. And even though many of the girls seemed nervous to be reading their work in front of people, some for the first time, they certainly weren’t nervous about committing their intense, unfettered emotion to the page, and it gave me a huge amount of respect for them. It also reminded me that that part of myself is still in here somewhere, and I have to remember that even though my craft as a writer has improved, it needs to be balanced out by the fearlessness that only disappears with your youth if you let it.

Another wonderful reader whom I met earlier while I was at the book table. We bonded over the importance of getting the right "vibe" from a journal before choosing it. :)

Another wonderful reader whom I met earlier while I was at the book table. We bonded over the importance of getting the right “vibe” from a journal before choosing it. 🙂

If you’d like to support and encourage that fearlessness, I strongly urge you to get a copy of You Are Here! It’s a great read for adults, and it can be an inspiring gift to give a teenage girl in your life, even if she might not otherwise be into reading or writing on her own. There’s something about reading the work of your peers that’s different and special, and if you can give that gift to a young woman you know, it can be an amazing thing.

2013-12-29 21.41.01

And lastly, there’s going to be one last volunteer training on February 1st, because there are still so many girls who need us. So, if you’re in the Los Angeles area and want to help, it’s not too late! Visit the WriteGirl website to find out more!

After all, if WriteGirl is good enough for Michelle Obama (she presented WriteGirl with the 2013 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award), it should be good enough for you! :)

After all, if WriteGirl is good enough for Michelle Obama (she presented WriteGirl with the 2013 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award), it should be good enough for you! 🙂

My NYCC Schedule – FRIDAY

Care to stalk me at the Javitz Center today? 🙂 Here’s where I’m likely to be at New York Comic Con today:

1:00PM – Becky Cloonan, Gabriel Ba, Fabio Moon signing at the Dark Horse booth! Gotta show my Demo/Daytrippers love!

2/2:15PM – either I’ll be at the Marvel panel (1A06) at 2PM, or the “Writing Action Packed and Character-Driven Stories” panel (1A15) at 2:15PM. Not sure yet.

LUNCH/WANDERING TIME! Including an interview I’m snagging for a possible ChinaShop post.

4:30PM – Image Writers (including Robert Kirkman!) panel (1A14)

Pursue autographs from MARJORIE LIU (Table 16) and JASON AARON (Marvel booth)

Wander until…

7:00PM – “Monsters” panel (1A06)

8:45PM – James Marsters Spotlight panel (1A08)

And then after all that, I’m off to the GEEK GIRLS NETWORK TWEET-UP!

Whew! I got tired just typing that. Thank goodness the Con doesn’t get started until 1PM. Hopefully, I’ll be meeting friends there, too!

So, if you want to find me, there’s the general plan for what I’ll be doing. I’d love to say hello!  🙂

Happy New York Comic Con, everyone!

“On the Ground Floor” Online Release Parties!

Who knew that my favorite picture of myself EVER would come about using the camera on my phone in the barthroom at a party?

You read that right, kids.  Parties.  As in plural.  As in MORE THAN ONE.

Because I have fans.  As Felicia Day so eloquently put it in Commentary: The Musical, I have fans in the “baker’s dozens!”  🙂  So, clearly, I have to have two parties to accommodate them all.  Here’s how it’s going to go down:

TOMORROW – September 24th at 8:00PM ET/7PM CT/5PM PT

THE FIRST ON THE GROUND FLOOR RELEASE PARTY! Tune in with a glass of wine for an hour-long celebration of my very first printed thing EVER.  I’ll tell you all about the stories contained therein, tell you how you can snag a copy, do personalized signings online, chat with you all and answer any random questions you might have (they don’t even have to be about me, I’m great at Google searching), and then do a reading of a story NOT in the book!  So, if you watch and buy the chapbook, you’ll be getting THREE short stories for the price of two.  That’s a fucking BARGAIN.

SATURDAY, September 25th at 11:00AM ET/4:00PM GMT

Join me for TEA TIME WITH TERESA! (Didn’t I tell you I was a fan of alliteration?) 4PM is traditionally “tea time” in England, right?  Well, if not, IT IS NOW!  I’m doing this American-style, bitches!  Kinda like how we took all the useless “u’s” out of words like color and favorite.  But this release party for On the Ground Floor is for all the folks who follow me on Twitter, or who are my Facebook friends and live in Europe (and won’t be staying up until 1AM to watch my first party), as well as the early risers in the States.  For some reason, I have a lot of followers in the UK.  I guess it’s because I write about Doctor Who a lot, or something.  Same deal as above, except I’ll be drinking tea instead of wine.  Also, I’ll be reading a DIFFERENT SHORT STORY.  So, it’s not just going to be the same party twice.

This should be fun!  I hope you’ll spread the word and tune in tomorrow and/or Saturday.  Tune in to THE TERESA JUSINO EXPERIENCE’S USTREAM CHANNEL and join in the celebration!

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