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POUND BY POUND: Day 3 – Strength, Cardio, and Stripping Down (Sort Of)

I NEEDED water after all that cardio!

I NEEDED water after all that cardio!

Today was a bit of a disappointment. I woke up later than I would’ve liked (The Boy is working on a film at the moment, which means when he wakes up at 4:30am, I wake up at 4:30am, and my sleep is never quite the same after, which causes me to sleep in, stay up later than usual because I’m not tired, and the whole cycle starts again. Gonna try to get to bed at my usual midnight tonight come hell or high water! I need my normal sleep pattern back!), did my DailyBurn workout (more on that later), then did a bunch of stuff that I needed to do on a time crunch for HotPixel (you may have seen this HotPixel blog post earlier).

I was hoping to go to Orangetheory Fitness with Jen today, but that turned out to be a bust. Brentwood, where the L.A. location is, is just too far for me to get to via train/bus. I’d have to leave at 2:15PM to get there by 4. Meanwhile, I put feelers out to see if any of my other workout comadres would be interested in taking part in the free class (and giving me a lift), but everyone who’d be interested was busy today. And I just had too much work to do this morning to take 2 hours of travel time to go to Brentwood.

One day, I won’t be carless, and I’ll be able to laugh at all of this. At any rate, you should totally keep up with Jen’s Orangetheory Fitness 8-week Challenge over at her blog. She’s really inspiring! 🙂

Anyway, I stayed home working for most of the day. And I didn’t eat much, but I did eat ice cream and cookies at the end of the night. So while I didn’t have a lot of food, there was some unhealthiness at the end there. Argh.

Still, I did get my DailyBurn True Beginner workout in today – Strength and Cardio 1. Once again, I felt like, even though the weight isn’t coming off the way I’d like, I’m stronger and I don’t get winded the way I used to when I first started working out regularly.

Small victories.

My True Beginner Day 3 Finish Screen!

My True Beginner Day 3 Finish Screen!

Here’s another small victory. I realized a couple of days ago that, since I work out at home, I don’t have to bother with wearing a t-shirt (which always makes me too hot and sticks to me sometimes and hangs in my face other times and is uncomfortable when I’m trying to move) the way I would have to if I went to a gym. So, I started working out in my workout pants and my bra, which is SO much better. Not to mention, cooler. Ventilation is awesome.

But then I got to thinking, why do I “have” to wear a t-shirt at the gym? I mean, I see women working out in just sports bras (or really small tank tops) all the time. And then I realized that I’m kinda forced to work out with as many clothes on as possible because I’m fat. Obviously, no one forces me. But I know the looks I’d get if I strolled into the gym in just a sports bra. That kinda made me mad. So, I’m not allowed air flow because people will look at me funny? Argh. So, I decided to post a photo of me in my home workout attire for all of the internet to see. Because fuck that noise.

I need a bikini body, if only to make my stomach match the shade of my upper body. Jeez.

I need a bikini body, if only to introduce my stomach to the sun and let it match the coloring of my upper body. Jeez.

I know. I look fat. That’s ’cause I am fat. Covering up won’t make me look less fat. I’m trying to do something about it, but in the meantime – ventilation, yo. I won’t be strolling into any gyms like this any time soon – posting a photo is a lot different than walking into a room filled with staring eyes  – but consider this my small, but mighty protest. Just because I’m a Big Girl doesn’t mean I have to be so deeply ashamed of what I look like. Especially when I’m working up a sweat doing something awesome for myself.

So there.

POUND BY POUND: Day 2 – DailyBurn and Black Beauty (and Katya)

Huffing and Puffing after Day 2 of True Beginner - Core 1.

Huffing and Puffing after Day 2 of True Beginner – Core 1.

I’m writing this post late, because I spent today going to the dentist (four more cavities filled! Any more fillings, and I’ll look like Flava Flav!), running errands, and spending time with my friends Heather and Alex trying to be comforting after they had to put Heather’s beloved dog, Katya, to sleep yesterday.

Katya, I was there when your Mommy brought you home as a little puppy, and through the years, you’ve never ceased to put a smile on my face every time you jumped up to say hello or impressed me with your ballerina tricks. I was lucky enough to be able to live with you and take care of you for a few months when I first moved to L.A, and you were very gracious in sharing your home with me (as long as I was on time with your feedings!). RIP, Katya. You were a good girl. Tell my Scarlett I say hello. 

Katya all spruced up for Christmas, 2011.

Katya all spruced up for Christmas, 2011.

However, BEFORE the dentist, the errand-running, and the friends, I got my exercise in for the day in TWO ways. First, I did Day 2 of the True Beginner series at DailyBurn, Core 1. Once again, it was much easier than when I did the program the first go-round, but it still worked me out.

Happy to be back in the exercise groove!

Happy to be back in the exercise groove!

After that. I rode my bike – which I refer to as Black Beauty in my head, because she’s my trusty steed that gets me around – to my dentist appointment (1.4 miles) then to the nearest Citibank to me to get a new debit card (2.3 miles) and meet Heather at the salon across the street where she was getting her hurr did. So, I rode Black Beauty a total of 3.7 miles today before putting her in the back of Heather’s SUV to go get lunch. There was a point today at which the lower half of my mouth was completely numb, and my legs felt like jelly. It was a bad scene. 🙂

Black Beauty in front of my apartment.

Black Beauty in front of my apartment.

Lastly, today is the 12th, and as I’ve taken to doing on the 12th of every month, I did my monthly weigh-in and measurements. I started taking my measurements monthly on May 12th of this year, but since I’ve only been posting them in my Facebook groups, I figured I’d post them all here for my blog readers’ reference (for all twelve of you keeping track):

Teresa May Stats (5/12/14):
Weight: 277.2 lbs
Upper arm: 20 1/2 in.
Bust: 50 1/4 in.
Waist: 46 in.
Hips: 54 1/4 in.
Upper thigh: 33 5/8

Teresa June Stats (6/12/14):
Weight: 269.2 (- 8lbs!)
Upper arm: 19 1/2″ (- 1″)
Bust: 50″ (-1/4″)
Waist: 45″ (- 1″)
Hips: 55″ (+ 3/4″) – I suspect that I measured wrong the first time. Either that, or added muscle in my hip????
Upper thigh: 33 2/8″ (- 3/8″)

Teresa July Stats (7/12/14):
Weight: 272.2 (+3lbs from last month / -5lbs since start)
Upper arm: 19 1/2″ (same / -1″ since start)
Bust: 51 (+ 3/4 from last month / +1 1/4″ since start)
Waist: 45″ (same / -1″ since beginning)
Hips: 53 1/2″ (- 1 1/2″ from last month / – 3/4″ since start)
Upper thigh: 29″ (-4 2/8″ from last month / -4 5/8″ since start)

And here’s how I did today:

Teresa August Stats (8/12/14):
Weight: 273.2lbs (+1lb from last month / -4lbs since start)
Upper arm: 19″ (- 1/2″ from last month / -1 1/2″ since start)
Bust: 50″ (-1″ from last month / – 1/4″ since start)
Waist: 45 1/4″ (+ 1/4″ from last month / + 3/4″ since start)
Hips: 54 5/8″ (+ 1 1/8″ from last month / + 3/8″ since start)
Thighs: 33 3/4″ (+4 3/4″ from last month / +1/8″ since start)

My DailyBurn Finish Screen for today.

My DailyBurn Finish Screen for today.

As I said yesterday, I took a chunk of July off and it shows in that I didn’t seem to lose weight, and the weight that I gained all went to my bottom half. While I’m glad that I only gained a pound, the fact is that I’d much prefer a downward trajectory in this case, rather than an upward one. Hence the exercise every day. I just have to do something every day. There’s no two ways about it. Skipping one day = skipping many days, and I can’t afford to do that. Not until I’m in the shape I want to be in.

Well, that’s it for tonight! Tomorrow, more DailyBurn, and I’m trying out Orangetheory Fitness with Jen Levin. Fun! 🙂


Pound By Pound: True Beginner Day 1 (Again!)

Back in the workout game. August 11, 2014.

Back in the workout game. August 11, 2014.

After taking a large part of July off after my birthday and through Comic-Con (and beyond!), Workout Teresa is BACK! And she’s going to be sharing her daily progress with you here at The Experience!

I’ve been doing daily updates at two awesome Facebook Groups I’m a part of. Both are closed/secret groups, so I’m not sharing the links, but I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful they’ve both been in keeping me accountable and giving me a reason to “report in” every day. Now, I’m extending that here.

So, I’ve already completed the 28-day True Beginner program at DailyBurn once, but since I’ve taken so much time off from doing much in the way of being active, I’ve decided to start it again to get myself back in the workout groove. And unlike the first time I did the first True Beginner video, Stability and Mobility 1, this time, I got all the way through it! I did every single move. Some of it was still a challenge, and I worked up a quality sweat as you can see in the photo above, but it’s amazing to see how much stronger I’ve gotten in the past few months, despite having been lazy for a couple of weeks.

Here’s my Finish Screen today:

True Beginner: Stability and Mobility - Day 1

True Beginner: Stability and Mobility – Day 1

This week, I’ll be continuing this, as well as riding my bike to work today, and joining the fabulous Jen Levin during one of her workouts at Orangetheory Fitness on Wednesday! It feels good to be back in the saddle again!

Making Things Happen

Packet in the mail!

Forward momentum is good. Awesome in fact.

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks, filled with the knowledge that everything that I’ve been doing has not only been productive, but in my best interests and conducive to my well-being.

Would you believe that there was a long time there where I wasn’t doing things in my best interest? Where I was self-sabotaging for Lord knows what reason?


But lately, I’ve been punching Self-Sabotagey me in the face, and it’s been paying off!

After one of my morning jog/walks as part of Couch to 5K.

After one of my morning jog/walks as part of Couch to 5K.

1) Today was my monthly weigh-in/measurement check in, which I was actually LOOKING FORWARD TO (can you believe it?), because I knew I was both working hard in the exercise department (I’ve done some form of exercise every single day for the past month and a day) and, more recently, focusing on eating the right foods. The Boy’s mom, a nutritionist who works for the gubment, encouraged me to keep a food diary to figure out what I was eating and what this taught me is that I’d pretty much been eating nothing but bread products and pasta. In the week I kept a food diary back in May, I had maybe three fruits all week, zero vegetables, and nothing but bread (waffles, toast, lasagne, pasta & sauce, pie, pot pie, sandwiches…). It was quite a thing to see it on paper. So, this past week, once I finished the 28-day exercise series I was doing over at Daily Burn (it was the True Beginner series, which I’d highly recommend for anyone who is just starting to work out) and exercise became a habit, I decided to focus on my food. When I went shopping last weekend, I stocked up on veggies, fruits, and protein while staying away from breadstuffs. That meant no sliced bread, no cereal, no breaded stuff…

And believe it or not….THERE’S OTHER STUFF TO EAT. 🙂 I’ve also not had much sugar (I’ve only put one spoon of sugar in my coffee a couple of times this week. Most of the time I try to drink it just with milk), and I haven’t had much cheese or milk (been using almond milk for coffee instead, and I’ve only put a drop of regular milk into my scrambled eggs twice).

Anyway, the last time I weighed/measured myself was on 5/12, so I was curious to see what my results would be today. Here they are:

Weight: 269.2 (- 8lbs!)
Upper arm: 19 1/2″ (- 1″)
Bust: 50″ (-1/4″)
Waist: 45″ (- 1″)
Hips: 55″ (+ 3/4″) – I suspect that I measured wrong the first time. Either that, or added muscle in my hip????
Upper thigh: 33 2/8″ (- 3/8″)

So, the hard work in the food/fitness department is paying off, as I’m losing both weight and inches. Woot!

Next week, I’ll be starting (and telling you all about) Daily Burn’s 21-Day “Ignite” nutrition program!

Adam and my Disney/ABC application packet.

Adam and my Disney/ABC application packet.

2) As I’ve written about before, Adam and I have been entering several of the network writing fellowships, and today I just mailed off the last of our applications for this year – the one to the Disney/ABC Writing Program. Now, we play the Waiting Game, and in September or October, we’ll know if we’ll be moving further along in the process, or whether we’ll be focusing our attentions elsewhere.

In the meantime, this summer is all about WRITING MORE SHIT. I’m so excited that Adam is coming out to L.A. next week for a two week long writing pow-wow, during which we’ll be breaking both a new spec of an existing show and a new original pilot that we’ve been discussing. I’m super-excited.

In addition to that, I’m putting the final finishing touches on Incredible Girl, after which Aurora, Sabrina and I will be discussing next steps re: budgets, crowdfunding, and sponsors.

Lastly, I hope to be starting some new writing of my own soon at the end of the month. Haven’t decided whether I want to work on my prose fiction project, or on the anthology webseries I’ve been thinking about forever. Also, a solo spec of an existing show.

I’m working to make things happen out here! 🙂 Thanks for coming along for the ride!


Me, just after one of my Couch to 5K runs.

Me, just after one of my Couch to 5K runs.

Something happened once I returned to L.A. from New York a couple of weeks ago. I hit the ground running on getting myself and my life In Check. It was less about my career (that was already on the right track) and more about the rest of me. My finances, my health, my organization…whatever it is that always stops me when I’m thisclose to kicking it up to the next level, I want to kick it in the face. I want to either remove it from my life entirely, or figure out how to manage it better so that it doesn’t take over the way it has in the past.

So far, so good. I’ve exercised every single day since May 12th. That’s 10 days in a row, including my workout this morning. I’m really, really proud of that. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything that consistently before. 🙂 I’m doing the Couch to 5K running plan 3 days a week (repeating each week of the program once) and doing the True Beginner workout video series on Daily Burn, which I highly recommend subscribing to if you want an inexpensive way to have variety in your exercise routine without having to go to a gym.

Interestingly enough, what’s helped me stick with it has been reporting on my progress on Facebook. 🙂 I’ve joined two separate fitness groups – both of which I was invited to by friends – that encourage sharing progress and posting photos. So, sharing with those pages (and my personal FB feed) after my workouts every day has become a ritual for me, which makes me not want to miss a day. I get so much encouragement from people (who seem to have started to expect me to post!) that I don’t want to miss a day. It’s invigorating – especially on days like today when I REALLY didn’t feel like working out at ALL, but did it anyway, and have gotten praised to the skies for it!

Me after one of my less pleasant Daily Burn workouts.

Me after one of my less pleasant Daily Burn workouts.

While I’m focusing primarily on staying active for right now, I’m also trying to manage what I eat. Last week, I kept a food journal of everything I put in my mouth. PS – there’s an unsurprisingly low number of fruits and vegetables. I know a nutritionist who has offered to have a look and suggest how I might better manage my nutrition, both for weight loss and for general health.

And then there’s the finance stuff, which has involved reading Money: A Love Story, asking for a pay upgrade at a current job, and taking on other short-term/part-time work. One of the exercises in Money: A Love Story is to take a negative thought that you have about money and turn it into a positive one. So…

My original, negative thought: I work really hard for what seems to be no financial result, needing several jobs to make up one salary. I don’t have enough income to pay off my debt AND survive day-to-day. 

That turned into: I have enough to pay my debts AND survive day-to-day. 

Which finally became the simple Money Mantra: I ALWAYS RECEIVE AND FIND WHAT I NEED.

Which I do. All the time. And the thing I’m trying to consistently remember so that I don’t backslide into a “fuck it” attitude about money is that no matter how things have gotten, I’ve always come through to the other side, because I was willing to ask. Sometimes, I’ve had to ask for help. Other times, I’ve asked for more money on jobs I’ve done. Other-other times, I’ve asked for the thing I’ve needed in exchange for something not monetary (like coverage on this blog, for instance). But I’ve always been able to have what I need. I’ve always had a job. I’ve always had an apartment. I’ve always had clothes and food. I’ve always had amazing people in my life. And I’m grateful.

Taking care of myself. One day at a time.

Taking care of myself. One day at a time.

The last thing I’ve been trying to do lately is center myself. When I first went to see my therapist, she noticed that my brain has a tendency to be all over the place (That’s not a hard thing to notice). 🙂 She suggested meditation as a way to just bring all the buzzing in my head down a bit. So, I’ve been meditating just about every day using guided meditations I’ve found online. It’s been helping me a lot with staying focused. Not only that, but I very much believe that meditating on a thought or desire puts a certain energy out into the world that finds its way back to you. For example, things have been uncertain lately at one of my day jobs. They weren’t doing great, and there has been worry lately that my bosses might have to close their business, which sucks for all of us. Two days ago, I did that exercise I talk about above, where I meditated on the fact that I ALWAYS RECEIVE AND FIND WHAT I NEED. Yesterday, the other woman who works at that day job quit, leaving more hours and possibly a raise in pay for me to pick up, my bosses had a meeting with a company they may be working with that will turn their whole business around, AND a friend of mine offered me a babysitting gig for her new baby for several weeks in June.

I should meditate more often! 😉

I actually started a prayer circle with some long-distance friends of mine. Every week, we text each other what we want help with that week, and then we all ask God/The Universe/whatever (we all have different beliefs) to help our friends with what they need. This week, I asked for Perseverance. I got through exercising every day last week, and I don’t want to fall into a Sophomore Slump this week. I’m asking for the perseverance to get through this week too. It’s Wednesday, and so far so good! Knowing that I’m getting an extra spiritual bump from friends helps. Knowing I have people encouraging me on my Facebook groups helps. But most of all, knowing that I can helps. I’ve done one week, which means I can finish another, then do another. I know I’m capable.

So now, I just have to KEEP DOING.

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