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Is Anti-Piracy Legislation Worth Your First Amendment Rights?

Answer: No.

This site has gone black in solidarity with other sites, including Wikipedia, in protest of SOPA. You know, the way Facebook and Twitter were too afraid to do. It will be “black” from midnight Pacific Time on January 18th to midnight Pacific Time on January 19th, as will my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I urge you to spend the time you would’ve spent online today looking into ways to protect it.

To find out more about SOPA, click HERE.

To contact your local representatives and tell them you don’t support SOPA, click HERE.

My livelihood depends on a free internet. STOP SOPA.

Twelve Posts of Christmas #2: Top 10 Favorite Christmas Songs

It’s past midnight…but technically I STARTED writing this post on the 15th, so it was still day #2.

What don’t I like about Christmas music? The way that radio stations insisted on playing it way before Thanksgiving this year. What do I love about Christmas music? When played in small doses at the right time of year…it’s damn near magical. 🙂 There are certain songs that I love to hear this time of year. Here are my Top 10 in no particular order. Feel free to make a playlist…

1) The 12 Daze of Christmas – Fay McKay

Of all the parody versions of The 12 Days of Christmas, this is my favorite, because it requires the most investment in the performance. Anyone can come up with funny parody lyrics, but it takes someone special to pull them off with quite this much panache. Fay McKay was a lounge singer in Vegas, and this was one of her biggest numbers. Here’s the best recording of it. You’ve probably heard it before. 🙂

2) Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas – Burl Ives

I love, love this song! Mostly because of the way Ives says “Oh, by golly.” 🙂 It’s just so peppy, and it makes me love the whole thing. Also, the way he says “Kiss’er…once for me!” is pretty sweet, too.

3) O, Holy Night – Mariah Carey

By far, my favorite religious Christmas song. You just can’t beat “Faaaaaaaaaaaaall on your kneeeeeeeeeeeees…..” And Mariah’s version of this song pretty much takes the cake. All the modernity without taking away the reverence. Just beautiful.

4) All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

OK, why don’t we all just admit that Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas is the best modern Christmas album ever, and that everyone else can just stop making them now. It’s rare that a newly-penned Christmas song becomes a classic. But she did it.

5) Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses

This song is just perfect. I’ve loved it since I was little, but as I’ve gotten older, I *sigh* RELATE to it, too. Now, all I need is to bump into that guy I’ve been chasing all year at the supermarket…

6) Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer – Gene Autry

My favorite for pure nostalgia. When I was little, my family had a vinyl record of Gene Autry doing Christmas songs that I would listen to at all times of the year! There was something about Autry’s voice that I always found really comforting. It was as if he was singing just to me. Also, yes, I’m old enough to have had records. Shut up.

7) Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth – Bing Crosby and David Bowie

The Little Drummer Boy talks about Jesus and acknowledges that he’s the reason we’re celebrating this whole holiday while telling the story from the point of view of a minor player, which I think would very much be Jesus’ style. Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me…  🙂 The Little Drummer Boy having a voice gives all the minor players in the story respect, and I’ve always loved that. Bing Crosby and David Bowie’s intergenerational take on the song, blending it with Peace on Earth, was inspired and sounds awesome!

8 Santa Baby – Madonna

Madonna’s version of this song is the best. No question. She doesn’t just sing the song, she gives a full-on acting performance, complete with put-on accent. It’s sexy AND funny – it’s sexy BECAUSE it’s funny – which is which is what this song is supposed to be.

9) Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

I know exactly when this song became one of my favorites. It’s when I first saw the movie Home Alone. This song is used when Kevin first chases the thieves out of his house with his traps. The last notes of the song coincided with his look out the window, smiling with pride. To this day, I can’t hear this song without a vague feeling of smug triumph.

10) Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Frank Sinatra

It’s weird. This song, I like because it’s a bit melancholy. It sounds like someone trying to stay cheery and wish someone else a Merry Christmas while they themselves are having a crappy holiday season. Sinatra’s voice just kills me on this. It kills me all the time, but particularly on this bittersweet song.

What are your favorite Christmas songs?

L.A. Year One: Thankful!

I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving already! Where has the year gone? This year is a strange one for me. It’s not the first time I haven’t been able to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It’s not even the first time I’ve been in another state on Thanksgiving (in 2003, I spent Thanksgiving in a TGIFriday’s in Ohio, I think, with my castmates/crew in a children’s production of Babes in Toyland with which I was touring. No, it’s not my cast in the video, but I performed that same show – I played Widow Piper.). It is, however, the first Thanksgiving where my being apart from my family and close friends has an air of permanence about it. Like, This is how it’s going to be from now on. It’s strange. Not sad, just weird.

However, one of my new friends here in Los Angeles – the lovely Emily, along with her BF, Phillip – has invited me over for the big meal today, which I thought was really sweet. So, that’s where I’ll be enjoying my turkey.

I love Thanksgiving, because it always forces me to stop and acknowledge the things for which I’m grateful. It’s so easy to forget that such things exist, isn’t it? We spend a lot of time focusing on the bad things, but if we all sat down and thought about it, I’m sure we could each come up with at least 5 things for which we’re thankful. Here are mine:


I’m grateful for them particularly this year as they’ve supported me through my transition to the West Coast. First, I got the Are You Sure You Want To Do This? talks. Then I got the No, Really. You Have No Money talk. Then I got the Well, You’ve Made Up Your Mind, Haven’t You talks. Then the I’m Worried About You talks. Then, not a day went by when my sister didn’t make some reference to missing me, or me not leaving on Facebook (ie: Well, that’s what you get for leaving New York! Or, You’re leaving! Waaaaah!) Then, on the last day I saw my family before leaving for California, my brother slipped me a $100 bill as he said goodbye to me.

My mom has passed away, and my dad’s in a nursing home. I’ve gotten a lot of the “parental” support I need later in my life from my brother and sister. If I was going to be born to two people late in life, I’m lucky that a brother and a sister came before me. They’ve been like parents to me, and we’ve also become really good friends. I’m so grateful for that. Thank you, Kenny and Janette! I love you!

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I have the best friends in the world. Yeah, I said it. I know you think your friends are better, but they’re not. ‘Cause mine are.

Seriously, though, I know amazing people. People I have been able to be completely vulnerable around, knowing they won’t think less of me. People who’ve saved my life in a very real sense by lending me money, cooking me meals, letting me sleep on couches, treating me to nights out, listening to my woes, and keeping me sane as I try to navigate this crazy artist life I’m trying to lead. People who call me on my bullshit.

As I left New York, I stepped away from 32 years of powerful relationships. As I arrived in L.A, I was able to make a little nest for myself in the home of an old friend who is one of the kindest people I know. I’m so lucky to have such quality people in my life. Thank you! I love you all so muc


As I’ve mentioned before, L.A. has been very welcoming. I’ve been invited to parties, and mixers, and dinner parties galore. I’ve been given rooms to sleep in, meals, and rides. Lots of rides. I’ve been treated with so much kindness – kindness that couldn’t be repaid, except with kindness – that I wonder where those stories of L.A. folks being excessively self-serving came from. Maybe I’ve just been really lucky. Whatever. I’ll take it. I know good people out here, and I’m looking forward to getting to know them even better. We’re already off to a wonderful start! Thank you, you lovely people!


They let me write for them. They give me creative freedom. They listen to me when I make suggestions or have new ideas. They’re really, really nice to the people that write for them, giving them lots of little perks, or treating them to outings/events. But most importantly, they pay the people that write for them. Too often, we complain about the outlets that don’t pay their writers, but we don’t praise the ones that do. So, I’d like to give a shout-out to two of them. Thank you, ChinaShop Magazine and! Thank you for being great employers edited and staffed by really great people. I’m a lucky duck to write for such fine folks.

Bob in Kenya. Those kids are all, "'ve never seen the sun before?"


As I’ve mentioned here before, I’ve become assistant to writer, Bob Harris, who is currently working on what’s shaping up to be an awesome book on microfinance and Kiva for Bloomsbury. I’m really grateful for this relationship, not just for the obvious reasons. I mean, yes, he’s a really cool, genuinely kind person with whom I hope I can become better friends. Yes, he can totally answer my career-type questions as I’m figuring all this writing crap out. But more important than that, he keeps me conscious of how I want to use my art to change the world. Just by watching him work, I remember that it is possible to use the talents I was born with to do for others and to leave the world better than I found it, and I’m inspired to continue thinking about ways to combine my love of writing with my love of humanity.  That’s something that’s always been important to me.  It’s nice to be able to work with someone to whom it’s also important and who’s a walking example of how to go about doing it. That’s the part I’m really grateful for. So, thanks Bob! As role models go, you’re not a bad one.

Wow. I just realized that I’m pretty much thankful for one big thing – the people in my life. This was just 5 different categories of people, wasn’t it? But do you see how lucky I am? I have so many amazing people to be thankful for, they can be organized into categories.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope your holiday is filled with wonderful people, amazing food, and plenty of time to sit around with your pants unbuttoned afterwards. I, for one, will be watching the Lady Gaga Thanksgiving special later tonight. Because I’m also thankful for crazy performance artists who write catchy pop tunes. 🙂


Helping An Old Man Continue to Feel Relevant

This has been bandied around for a while, but a friend just alerted me to Frank Miller’s blog post about the Occupy Movement. When I read his post, I had to laugh, as it was so uninformed and blatantly wrong in many places that I couldn’t help but see it for what it was: the misguided attempt of an old comics creator to remain relevant by manufacturing controversy. It’s kind of what he’s known for, no? But usually, he’s limited his controversies to the realm of comics. It’s the part where he tries to generate real-life controversy that makes me laugh. I wasn’t going to post anything about it, because I didn’t want to give it more attention. However, I’m considering it my good deed for the day – making an old man feel like he matters.

So, you can link to the blog post above, and here’s what I posted as a comment. And that’s all I have to say about that.

I can see it now: Frank Miller, who hasn’t really been relevant to comics since Sin City, is looking for a way to regain relevance. He sees a popular movement, and decides to latch onto that.

“But not in support, no. EVERYONE’S lending support. I have to be different,” he says. “I have to be a maverick! And so, I will write the most vitriolic and uninformed blog post imaginable! After all, I’ve built a career on manufacturing “controversy” to make myself popular! Everything I do is “gritty” and “caustic.” People expect no less of me! I’ll tear Occupy Wall Street a new one! Then people will HAVE to pay attention to me!”

Have you ever visited one of the Occupy sites, Mr. Miller? Have you ever talked to anyone personally about the movement. And it IS a movement, despite your attempts to paint it otherwise. It’s in over 1,000 cities across the country and growing – and it’s a logical progression from all the protests that have already happened the world over. Tunisia, Egypt, the UK…the US, it seems, has been one of the last to wake up, but we HAVE woken up. And we’ve woken up in the interest of one very clear message:

Government should not be beholden to corporations.

This isn’t about keeping people from working hard or achieving. This isn’t about handouts, and it’s not about anarchy. It’s about the government doing its job and allowing everyone the opportunity to work hard and achieve, not stacking the deck against the country’s poorest in the interest of a select, wealthy few. That’s what this is about. And if you can’t understand that, pardon me for saying so, but you have your head up your ass. If you’d actually VISIT an Occupy site, you’d see that they’re a diverse group – men, women, young people, older people, some unemployed, some employed. All of them upset by the flagrant disregard our government has for the well-being of most of its people as it treats corporations as individuals.

I hope you enjoy the blog hits this uninformed outburst has given you. That’s all you’ll get out of it. The movement will go on. Whether it will succeed or not only time will tell, but it’s already gone further than skeptics have given it credit for. Why don’t you stick to writing comics. It’s what you’re good at. Well, it’s what you have experience in, anyway. “Good” is debatable.

See You At Geek Girl Con!


Thanks to several generous folks in response to my This Little Whedonista effort, as well as a well-timed direct deposit from one of my writerly employers, I WILL BE ABLE TO MAKE IT TO GEEK GIRL CON! I can barely contain my excitement.

Why? Well, lemme see:

1) I’ll be crashing with the fabulous Cunning Minx, and apparently, there may be a brownie and porn party if I time my arrival just so.

2) I’ll be doing a signing for Whedonistas along with with JANE ESPENSON, NANCY HOLDER, and  MARIAH HUEHNER at the University Book Store table (Booth  308-309) Saturday, October 8th – 10:30-11:30AM! Come on by, grab a copy of this fabulous collection of Whedon-related essays, and have a chat with us!

3) I’ll be moderating a Whedonistas panel that same day from 5;30-6:30PM with JANE ESPENSON, NANCY HOLDER, and MARIAH HUEHNER. There will be talk of Whedon (natch), as well as the Whedonistas reading short excerpts from their pieces in the book, plus some Q&A, and some Whedon Trivia, where you might be able to walk away with a free copy of Whedonistas (and perhaps some other prizes!). Do you love Joss Whedon? (and really, how could you not?) Think you know everything about the man and his work? Put your knowledge to the test at the Whedonistas panel at Geek Girl Con!

4) My Geek Girl Traveler self will be staying in Seattle for the week following Geek Girl Con as I explore the city for geeky hotspots! It’s my first time in the city, and I’m looking forward to it! If you have suggestions for geeky Seattle locales I shouldn’t miss, email them to me at geekgirltraveler[at]gmail[dot]com!

I would like to take a moment to thank Angela VonSchmittou, Ken Rokos, Matt Curry, Olga Branson, Robert Ropars, and Jade Takakuwa for their generosity in response to my. I will be sending you your copies of On the Ground Floor and/or your autographed copies of Whedonistas once I return from the con.

If you haven’t yet purchased a copy of On the Ground Floor and/or you’d like me to get you an autographed copy of Whedonistas while I’m at the con, the terms of my This Little Whedonista plea will continue to stand through October 5th! Get me thine orders!

And I’ll see you in Seattle! 🙂

This Little Whedonista Needs To Get To GeekGirlCon!

So, you might have heard about this panel I’m moderating for Whedonistas at Geek Girl Con in Seattle in a couple of weeks! I’m very excited about it, and hope that each and every one of you reading this – well, those of you on the West Coast at the very least – will come out not only for the first year of what I’m sure will be an awesome convention, but for this amazing panel of fabulously talented ladies. And also, me. 🙂

Here’s the thing. I’ve just made a cross-country move from New York to L.A, which cost me a lot. I’m a freelance writer, which means I get paid monthly and not weekly, so budgeting is very tricky business. Long story short, I’m reaching out to the geek masses the same way I did to do the Whedonistas panel at Gallifrey One back in February.

Since then, I’ve gotten a lot more Twitter follwers and Facebook friends, so I’ll explain that I’m not asking for donations per se (though I certainly won’t turn them down). Rather, I’m asking you – if you’re following me and enjoy the things I write – to let now be the time when you decide to purchase something of mine!

My chapbook, On the Ground Floor, is available for $5.00 (plus S&H, more if you want it signed/inscribed), and can be purchased HERE.

I’m also selling autographed copies of Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds Of Joss Whedon By the Women Who Love Them, in which I have an essay, (signed by me, Jane Espenson, Nancy Holder, and Mariah Huehner) for a $30 contribution to the cause ($15 is the price of the book, and the S&H comes out of the rest, leaving the remainder as your donation!) If you can’t make the con, this is the only way to get a copy that is signed by these wonderful contributors! If you’d prefer this to my chapbook, go directly to PayPal HERE and send me your contribution using my email address teresajusino[at]gmail[dot]com.

If you’d like both, please specify that in your note to me on PayPal! 🙂

My goal? To raise $400 for the whole shebang. More would be wonderful, as I need to stay in Seattle for the week (the friend I’m staying with is having a houseguest and she’ll need my bed, so I’ll need to be gone then), but $500 is the bare minimum I need to get there, and be able to eat and get around. And I would need to have it in my PayPal account no later than September 30th so I can transfer it to my bank in time to use it.

So, what do you think, intarwebz? Think I can do this? I hope so! I’ve already put oodles of planning into this panel. What I didn’t plan on was being this insanely broke by October! Such is life.

It always amazes me how wonderful people on the internet can actually be. Sure, there are a lot of trolls and there’s lots of meanness. But there are also some really great people who make wonderful things happen. I want to thank those who helped me in my Gallifrey effort (I’m excited that I’ll have NO trouble getting to that con this year!), and hope that you all think that Geek Girl Con and this very special Whedonistas panel is worth the effort. Even if you can’t donate yourself, please spread the word.

Thank you all, so much!

Whedonistas Panel At Geek Girl Con!

As you might have seen on Twitter or Facebook, I have the privilege of moderating a Whedonistas panel at Geek Girl Con in October! SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8TH from 5:30-6:30PM to be exact. There will also be a pre-panel signing that morning, from 10:30AM to 11:30AM in the vendor room at the University Book Store table (booth 308-309).

But whom will be on this panel, do you ask? I mean, in addition to fabulous, wonderous me? 😉

None other than the fabulously talented JANE ESPENSON (Buffy, BSG, Caprica, Torchwood, and her new webseries, Husbands), who has an exclusive interview in Whedonistas; NANCY HOLDER (NY Times bestselling author of The Watcher’s Guide among a million other things) whose piece in Whedonistas talks about her time spent on the set of Buffy; and MARIAH HUEHNER (IDW Comics – writer on Angel and True Blood comics, among others!), whose Whedonistas essay talks about why she loves Buffy even when Buffy is sometimes difficult to love. I get to share a stage with these women, y’all. So, if you can get to Seattle, you need to come check it out!

If only to catch me when I pass out and fall off the dais because of the sheer awesome of it all.

So, the deets once again:


10:30AM-11:30AMWhedonistas signing with JANE ESPENSON, NANCY HOLDER, MARIAH HUEHNER, and TERESA JUSINO at the University Book Store table (Booth  308-309).

5:30PM-6:30PMWhedonistas panel with JANE ESPENSON, NANCY HOLDER, and MARIAH HUEHNER. Moderated by TERESA JUSINO. There will be talk of Whedon (natch), as well as the Whedonistas reading short excerpts from their pieces in the book, plus time for Q&A, and some Whedon Trivia, where you might be able to walk away with a free copy of Whedonistas (and perhaps some other prizes!). Do you love Joss Whedon? (and really, how could you not?) Think you know everything about the man and his work? Put your knowledge to the test at the Whedonistas panel at Geek Girl Con!

Countdown to L.A. – Friends With Benefits

First of all, there should probably be an actual countdown going, right? OK…

Days to L.A. – 24

Whoa. That’s not a lot of days, is it? No, I haven’t bought my ticket yet. Is it freaking me out? Maybe. Shut up.

So, I saw Friends With Benefits with Robin a couple of days ago, and I really loved it! Not just because it was sweet in the snarky-sarcastic way I adore, and not just because Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are wonderful (and ridiculously hot), but because this was one of those times when a movie came into my life exactly when I needed it to.

Mila Kunis’ character, Jamie, is from New York. Dylan, played by JT, is from L.A. And from the very beginning, their relationship is, in part, based on selling the best of their cities to each other. Jamie showing Dylan “her” New York almost made me cry, because she focused on the very things a native would focus on. Watching her experience L.A. with Dylan for the first time made me hopeful, and reminded me of how I felt when I visited earlier this year – that L.A. is a lot less shallow than reported and the kind of place where you can heal and be more yourself. It made both cities look really good, and perfectly captured both my nostalgia for the home I’m about to leave, and hope/excitement for the home I’m about to create.

There’s also the issue of Dylan, the character who makes the big cross-country move away from his family, also having a father who is suffering from dementia. Wasn’t expecting that, and that touched a pretty sensitive nerve. Probably the most difficult part of moving is leaving my dad. But when I think about it, he’s the person who would’ve understood this move the most, if he were in his right mind.

So, thanks Will Gluck, for writing a film that was both enjoyable and helped me process my feelings about moving to the Left Coast.

Teresa Does Dallas: The Announcement

I know, I know! I’ve been slacking. 🙂 But for the record, I only promised you 30 Days of Doctor Who. I never said they’d be consecutive.

I DO plan on getting back to that, but there’s a reason why I haven’t been on the blog too much lately. I’ve been making some pretty big life decisions and figuring stuff out, and all that decision-making and planning and figuring takes up a lot of brain space and doesn’t leave much room for blogging. And now, an announcement:

Now that I’ve told everyone who’s important in my life – family, friends, employers – I can tell you. I’m moving out of New York…and moving to Texas.

I KNOW, RIGHT?! WEIRD! Lemme ‘splain.

I’ve been thinking about moving out of NYC for a long time now. It seems strange since I am, in many ways, SO MUCH a New Yorker. I grew up here. My entire base is here. And what’s most important, I LOVE New York. And not just in a cheesy, T-shirt kind of a way. I really love it, in that I love its many, many flaws as much as I love everything that’s beautiful, and vibrant, and exciting about it. I don’t think it will ever stop being Home to me.

I will never regret making the decision to devote myself to freelance writing, but having made that decision, I’ve realized that New York City is probably the least affordable place in which to live that way. I’ve been struggling and living in a shoebox in Brooklyn. I don’t need to make more money, but it would be nice to live somewhere where the dollars I make can stretch a bit further. I don’t need a whole lot, but I know that pretty much anywhere else in the country can offer me more for my money than New York City can. As much as it pains me to say it, I’ve been priced out of my home.

But this move isn’t just financially motivated. I needed a change. I’ve lived here my whole life, and as much as I’ve accomplished, I feel like I’m in a rut. All of my close friends are either married (with children), or in serious relationships, and they’ve all settled into chosen jobs with easily definable descriptions and career paths. Meanwhile, I feel like my entire life has been moving laterally rather than progressing forward, and that in order to take my life to the next level, I need to be elsewhere. New people, new inspirations, new job opportunities…

Why Texas? Well, my lovely friend Angela lives in Plano, TX (she often comments at this very blog!), which is about half an hour outside of Dallas, and she has been such an amazing champion of my writing and my decision to devote myself to it. She’s made me the generous offer of allowing me to live with her pretty much rent-free for as long as I need to in order to experience another city and save up money. Save up for what, you ask?

Texas is just the midpoint of a journey that I hope will end with me living in LOS ANGELES.

When I went there for Gally, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it, considering how much I didn’t enjoy it the first time I went. But I have a lot of friends there now, and you know what? I sort of understand the appeal of the sunshine. 🙂 Many of the Geek Girls I associate with online are out there taking over the world, and I want to be a part of that. And if I want to dabble in this screenwriting thing, I absolutely have to be out there, according to screenwriters I know whose opinions I respect.

So, here is The Plan:

** live in Plano, TX with Angela from September 2011 through the Summer of 2012. Save money doing the same stuff I do now (writing, babysitting, etc). Ideally, I’d like to have a nest egg of a couple of thousand dollars. Enough for a security/first/last month’s rent on a new apartment and a cheap, used car.

** move to Los Angeles at the end of Summer/beginning of Fall 2012. Stay with Heather (who’s probably more excited about my impending move than even me!) until I find a place of my own. Rent an apartment. Drive the freeways. Write my face off. Live the dream. (Try not to be too afraid of earthquakes)

Is Los Angeles cheap? No. I mean, it’s a Big City. But is it cheaper than New York…? Let’s just say I was pricing apartments, and for only a little more than what I’m paying now for my shoebox of a bedroom in a three bedroom apartment (that isn’t really a 3BR apartment), I could find myself an entire studio or 1BR apartment (depending on the neighborhood). It’s more bang for my buck, yo.

There’s also the issue of ambition and “being fake.” There’s a lot of “fake” in Los Angeles, and that turns off New Yorkers, because we’re used to being very in-your-face about our honest opinions. Here’s what I have to say about that. I know a lot of cool people in L.A. People who, even though they’re in The Industry are genuinely cool, caring people who are kind to others and don’t give a crap about labels or brands or status. I figure, as long as you know (or seek out) good people, you can live anywhere.

As for ambition and The Industry – yes, L.A. is an industry town. There’s a lot of networking going on and a lot of talk about entertainment. The thing is, New York is a really ambitious, media-driven town, too. The difference I notice is that, in L.A., people network in a way that I’m good at. New York expects you to be a powerhouse all by yourself. It can be very isolating. Not to mention exhausting. Whereas in L.A., everyone you know could be someone you work with either now, or in the future. It’s expected that you’ll join forces with any number of people to create something great. And while there is an element of bullshit, and that thing where people only associate with you if they think you have something to offer them – well, that happens in NYC, too – and for the most part, people seem to see the value in helping each other out to get themselves ahead. It’s ambition in a language I speak and understand.

I feel like I’m rambling right now, and that none of this makes any sense, but there you have it.

For all I know, this is an experiment that will fail horribly, and I’ll come back to New York with my tail between my legs. But I have to try. If not now, when I have no hubby/kids/job holding me here, then when? I’m a writer, and I can write from anywhere. Why not move to a place that will be more financially beneficial and more conducive to the kind of working life I’d like to have?

So, this will be my last summer as a New York resident. It made me really sad to type that, and while I made the decision to make this move a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t written this blog post until now, because I was afraid. Writing this online for the world to see makes it REAL. And it’s a scary thing to leave your home for the unknown. It’s also a bittersweet thing, because as good as I think this move will be for me, I wish I could take everyone I know and love with me.

Then again, technology is a wonderful thing, so we can keep in touch on several platforms. And as it is, we’re all so busy with our own lives, we don’t see each other much anyway. My being in another state wouldn’t change all THAT much, except that the commute home for Christmas will be WAY more now. 🙂

Also, my friends will have an excuse to travel so they can come and visit me! Check out the layout of my new digs in Plano:

The “den” would be my room. Yes, it’s a closed off space. Yes, I have a closet. Yes, that DOES say Patio/Balcony. Oh, and there’s a pool. And Angela’s paying  only $100 more than what I’m paying for a tiny room in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

Yeeeah. This idea’s looking better all the time.

30 Days of Doctor Who – Day 11

DAY 11 – Scene/Moment That Makes You Cry

“The End of Time” – I don’t want to go!

I cried several times during David Tennant’s final episode of Doctor Who, but it was his final moment just before regenerating that made me bawl like a little girl. When he says “I don’t want to go!”, it is one of the purest moments of approaching death that I’ve ever seen. So often on television, people face death so bravely and with such acceptance that I can’t believe it after a while. If you love being alive – and Ten loved being alive, while I believed Nine was ready to go, because he wanted to save Rose – then knowing you’re going to die is a frightening, horrible thing. Yes, The Doctor regenerates, and yes, all of his incarnations are the same person. However, it makes sense that each personality would react to regeneration differently, and I thought it was very brave on Russell T. Davies’ part to really examine what the death of an incarnation means to The Doctor; to have The Doctor be not so accepting or brave for once.

To have him be really human.

I wrote about the episode immediately after it aired here at this blog and on, and Ten’s final moment continues to be the moment that made me weep buckets. Vincent Van Gogh seeing his work at the Musee d’Orsay in “Vincent and The Doctor” came close…but “I don’t want to go!” still wins that contest.

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