Wanna know how I did for Week 1? Check out that post HERE.

Also, a reminder that these dares are not my content. I’m only writing about my experience with this. 52 Dares belongs to Erin Dullea, and you should totally check out her site!

How will I top being naked on the set of a TV show? Hmmm....

How will I top being naked on the set of a TV show? Hmmm….


Write down your dirty dozen.

Oh yeah, you’re getting dirty this week!

Grab a pen and paper (let’s do this old-school) – and create a list of twelve daring things you’d love to do.  They’re called “dirty” because this list is NOT about writing down nice, this-would-make-my-mom-proud goals that perhaps you should do. You’re going for experiences that would make you feel alive.

Be prepared for some of these to have a “but…” attached to it. Like you’d love to learn to play piano, but you’re too old. Or you’d love to do a super sexy photo shoot, but you don’t have the body for it.

Never mind any of that.

Dream it up. Put it on paper. Hang it somewhere you’ll see it often. Let this list come to life.

And then take one step this week towards making one of the dirty dozen happen. One step, my friend. You can do it.

Let’s see what I come up with! I’m actually excited to brainstorm this! Have a great week, everyone! And if you’ve got things you’d like to dare yourself, tell me about them in the comments below!