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I’d been sick for days, and I was feeling like crap. So fancy-schmancy New Year’s Eve plans anywhere other than my couch were not going to happen.

So, The GF and I spent New Year’s Eve watching Masters of Sex on Hulu. Since we don’t have cable, we weren’t able to watch anything like New Year’s Rockin’ Eve to count down to the New Year, so we just set the alarms on our phones. I set mine for ten minutes before midnight so I could get the sparkling wine ready, then I set another one for one minute to midnight so that we could count down.

I got the sparkling wine and the wine glasses out and we continued watching Masters of Sex for a few minutes. Then, my alarm went off signaling a minute until the new year…

The GF and Me at Mother Dough. Dec 2015

The GF and Me at Mother Dough. Dec 2015

Now, here’s where I’ll give you a smidge of backstory…we celebrate our anniversary on December 4th – which was when we had our first official date: dinner at Mother Dough, followed by drinks at Public House (before it became a raging sports bar), and canoodling back at her place. 🙂 Every year on our anniversary (all three of them that we’ve had so far), we go to Mother Dough for dinner.

This year, as we enjoyed our alcohol and fancy pizza, The GF brought up the fact that, up until then, whenever we talked about “marriage,” it always had, well, air-quotes around it.
She said “We always talk about ‘maybe if we get married’ like it’s a hypothetical. So…do you wanna get married?” And after I choked, I said “Like, right now?” Obviously not right then. But she did mean, like imminently.

At first I was like “I wasn’t entirely sure you wanted to ever get married at all, and since I don’t particularly care either way, that’s why it was always hypothetical.” And she said “The idea’s kinda grown on me. And so, I wanted to let you know my intentions.” 🙂 Long story short, her mom came to visit later in the month, and apparently she had a family ring that she’s been saving for The GF for just such an occasion. She asked her mom to bring it with her on her visit.
So, at the time, I knew I was going to be asked, but I figured the actual, official asking was months away at least. And being the sucker for grand gestures and lover of surprises that I am, I said, “OK, so when we get engaged-engaged, I’d like it to be a surprise, and I want it to be A Moment. You know me. You know what I’d like.” And as is totally her way, she said “Copy that.”

The Fiancee and I? January 1st 2016.

So, my alarm went off signalling a minute to midnight. As I was about to pour sparkling wine, The GF says “Come over here and sit in this chair!” I was confused. “Why?” “Just come here,” she said. “You have to sit in this chair right now.”

Please keep in mind, I was a stuffy, snotty mess who was hacking up a lung. I was in my pajamas, my hair looked like garbage, and I think I must have smelled at least a little.

I sat in the chair.
She got down on one knee, and pulled something from the pocket of her bathrobe.
I immediately gasped and started flailing my hands like an idiot as tears started to well in my eyes. It’s rare that I cry from happiness. This is one of the few times in my life that’s ever happened.
She looked at me and said “Teresa, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I want to get old with you. Will you marry me?” She held up a small diamond ring and had the sweetest, goofiest, most hopeful smile on her face.
The alarm went off, heralding 2016.
“Of course I will! Get up!” I squealed. She stood, and I threw my arms around her, clutching her tight. At that moment, I didn’t care about the stupid ring, or about how sick I was, or how I looked, or any of it. I kissed her over and over. I said “Yes!” into her neck a jillion times.
Then I shut off the alarm, telling it to shut up.
It wasn’t the proposal I expected, but it was absolutely perfect. I’d asked for a surprise, and I got it. I asked for A Moment, and she proposed on the cusp between the old year and the new. And she showed me she loved me by not caring that I was snot-ridden at the time. She did everything right.

The ring.

We’re gonna have a long engagement – like two years or so – to get our metaphorical shit together. So, you know SAVE THE DATE FOR 2018. 🙂 The ring is very tiny – just look at it on my enormous pinky – so it will live on a chain around my neck until we get it re-sized.

And I guess I have a fiancee now. It’s weird. Good, but weird. I’m in my mid-thirties, and it still feels too grown up. But it’s right. There’s no one else I’d rather “grow up” with – or grow old with. I feel so lucky that I’m marrying someone who always manages to be perfect for me despite being nothing like any partner I ever imagined for myself. She’s confirmed for me that it’s the unexpected things – the surprises – that lead to the good stuff. She compliments me – is strong where I am weak – and vice versa. She’s the only person in the world from whom I’ve withheld nothing, and she loves me anyway. And I love her, even having seen her at her worst.

Not to brag, but even these two don’t have anything on us:

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  1. I love this. I’ve got a goofy grin on my face. Thanks for sharing such a loving, tender, romantic moment (runny nose and all!)

  2. Ahhhh, yay yay yay! Congratulations! This statement, “I feel so lucky that I’m marrying someone who always manages to be perfect for me despite being nothing like any partner I ever imagined for myself.” is where you got me. Just when you think you know what’s best for yourself, you find someone who knows you even better. So much love in da oh sixteen! *hugs*


      Thank you so much! 🙂 I can’t wait to meet Ben!

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