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Logo by Mike Halpin

Hey there, everyone! As you all know, I’ve recently become the co-host on an awesome new podcast called Supergirl Radio, which will be focusing on the upcoming CBS Supergirl show starring Melissa Benoist, but for now – in our Season Zero – will be exploring the character in her many incarnations.

We premiered last week with Episode 0, our Meet the Hosts episode, where you get to know me and my co-host, Rebecca Johnson, and we talk about our histories with Supergirl, as well as with geekery in general.

Today, we launched Episode 1: Supergirl’s Origins, where Rebecca and I take you to Supergirl School to learn all about the character in her many incarnations. It’s a perfect episode for Supergirl newbies, as well as for people who already love the character, but have a couple of holes in their Supergirl experience, and want to know what versions they’re missing. And as always, we’ve got the latest news items about the Supergirl TV show.

On this week’s Supergirl Radio, your hosts Teresa Jusino and Rebecca Johnson cover news items about CBS’Supergirl TV series (including Stephen Amell’s speculations about a possible full-on DC TV Universe crossover!), and discuss the origins of the Supergirl character from her comics, animated, and live-action incarnations. Join in on the fun of celebrating and getting to know Kara Zor-el as Teresa and Rebecca prepare for CBS’ Supergirl, starring Melissa Benoist!

To listen to the full episode, CLICK HERE. Or you can subscribe to Supergirl Radio on iTunes or Stitcher Radio!