Janning in a scene from Instant. Photo courtesy of JCHB Gallery.

Janning in a scene from Instant. Photo courtesy of JCHB Gallery.

There’s news over at HotPixel, and it involves sci-fi, so listen up, geeks! 😉

HotPixel just completed post-production work on an indie sci-fi short film called Instant, which stars (and was co-produced by) Tony Janning of Legend of Neil fame, and produced by Roddenberry Entertainment! Yes, that Roddenberry. I talked to Janning a little about the film…


Tony Janning has gained a new respect for producing in the past year. He’s always considered himself an Actor/Writer/Producer, most notably on Comedy Central’s popular digital series, The Legend of Neil, but the first two labels were the ones he wore most often.

Then came Instant.

Instant is a 20-minute dramatic science fiction short film directed by Alex Albrecht and co-produced by Janning, Chad Kennedy, and Roddenberry Entertainment. Yes, as in Star Trek. More specifically, Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, Jr., who runs Roddenberry Entertainment with C.O.O, Trevor Roth, and produces content of interest to modern sci-fi fans while staying true to his father’s vision for the future. Instant was written and co-produced by Janning’s friend, writer Todd Beauchamp, who first mentioned the story to him over drinks with friends.

“A lot of the themes in it relate to what Roddenberry’s always been about. It comes from a very personal place for [Todd], and there’s a lot of things in it that deal with family, humanity, and hoping for a better future.”

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