I’m on a roll over at HotPixel! 🙂 Or, rather, we at HotPixel want to make sure to support the efforts of a member of the extended HotPixel family. Here’s a post up at the HotPixel blog about Tom Grey and Sonya Belousova’s Player Piano, and their current plans and IndieGoGo campaign!


For those who missed it, Player Piano is a series where classically-trained pianist, Sonya Belousova, plays covers of everything from film/TV/video game scores to pop/rock, hip-hop, metal, and classical pieces. Grey directs and produces captivating videos to accompany her playing, and so far, the results have been stunning….

[…] Player Piano already produces great videos, but Grey and Belousova are looking not only to take the show to the next level, but to create something that is sustainable for years to come. We at HotPixel really want to see that happen, so we’re reaching out to our community – because we want to see quality content flourish on the internet.

For the full post, some cool videos, a link to the IndieGoGo campaign, or to leave a comment of support for the Player Piano team, CLICK HERE.