It’s been a while, but here’s the latest at the HotPixel blog! I had the chance to talk to Jason Been, president of Imagecraft, a production rental company that is more hands-on than your average rental house. Indie creators, take note! You’re gonna wanna keep this place in the back of your mind next time you’re working on a project!


When I asked him about what indie filmmakers need to keep in mind before approaching rentals, Been echoed what many of our Hot List subjects have insisted upon – preparation is key, and approaching a company like Imagecraft earlier in the process will save you time and money  in the long run.

Been says, “The cool thing about this business is that you bring a lot of minds to the table. On an indie project, the creative side is usually one that is getting everything done, and they need a lot of help so that the tech side of things can conform with the creative side of things. So, that’s where it helps if you start the conversation early on, so that the technical side can work with the creative. Sometimes, you have these grandiose ideas – which are great – but then can you cover these things financially? Can your technical folks cover you with whatever you need?”

And most importantly, “The earlier you plan, the cheaper it’ll be.”

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