Amy Landecker and Jeffrey Tambor in a scene from Transparent.

Last week was a bit wonky for me schedule-wise, so I didn’t get my usual Beacon post up, so I’ll be pulling triple duty this week! I’m trying to write about all the show premieres this week – both new and returning shows – that I’m watching and giving you my two cents! So here’s my sum-up of last week’s offerings! Shows include Gotham, Black-ish, How to Get Away With Murder, and Transparent! (You can expect my take on last week’s returning shows and this week’s offerings later this week!)


The last time I laughed this hard at a comedy pilot was for New Girl, and I think the reasons why I laughed so hard then are the same as why I laughed now. These characters and the way they view and experience the world felt very familiar to me. I’m not Black, but I am Latina, so I’m no stranger to having grown up in a minority culture, valuing that while also valuing mainstream success, and what a delicate balance that is. Creator Kenya Barris captures all the nuance of that balancing act with humor and kindness. There is so much love in this show, and though many of the jokes are very pointed, it’s never coming from an angry or malicious place, and it’s really the first show I’ve ever watched that captures that balancing act this accurately (if anyone has any other recommendations, let me know below!). The characters are also a lot of fun – I can’t wait to see more of “Pops” (Lawrence Fishburne plays him like a gruff teddy bear), and the kids are as nuanced as the adults.

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