It’s been a while, but there’s a new Hot List over at the HotPixel blog! The subject of this month’s Hot List is probably very familiar to many of the geeks in my social media feeds – it’s Tom Grey, writer/producer/director and creator of Player Piano on YouTube.


Geek & Sundry alum, writer/producer/director Tom Grey, arrived in Los Angeles twelve years ago, as many others do, determined to break into the entertainment industry. His first gigs were in reality television, which he hated, and after a while they prompted him to leave the industry for a bit to focus exclusively on his writing. He supported his writing habit by working as a laundromat salesman.

That’s right. A laundromat salesman. As in, he sold a lot of industrial-sized washers and dryers. The things we do for love, amirite?

However, he couldn’t stay away from the industry for long. He began freelancing as a camera assistant, taking on several jobs with Disney through HotPixel! Yup, he’s one of ours! But, of course, he also wanted to create his own projects.

“There hadn’t been a movie that I’d made yet, and I started to get a little bit frustrated about the lack of just…making stuff,” Grey explains. “What ended up happening was that I heard from a friend who was making some of those Doritos Super Bowl Ads, and it was sort of ‘Let’s get together and just have an excuse to make something.’ So we made them, and I directed them, and I had a ton of fun doing them. And actually Art and the team over at HotPixel colored them, which was a lot of fun. That led to a short film that I did called Undying Love, and that’s a little zombie short film that I did that ended up going to film festivals and stuff. And that led to me working for Stan Lee.”

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