This week at Beacon, I start talking about the shows, both new and returning, that I’m excited about this year! This week, it’s all about the new Karen Gillan show, Selfie.


3) The Problem Isn’t ‘Selfies,’ It’s Self.

A while back, I blogged about the fact that I HATE when people get self-righteous about not taking selfies/getting involved in social media/etc, etc as if internet life and “real life” were two different things, and pat themselves on the back for “tearing themselves away.” In fact, Henry on Selfie is just such a person. What I love about the show is that the message isn’t about how horrible this generation is for being wrapped up in social media. What it’s saying is: Caring about others is important. The reason why Eliza is friendless is not because she’s on Twitter all the time, but because when given the opportunity to be a kind person in real life, she often chooses the opposite. The thing is, Henry has the same problem, except he doesn’t have the excuse of a social media presence. Sure, he knows how to appear caring, and can successfully guide Eliza’s behavior and improve her image. Yet he, too, is friendless, alone, and awkward with people in his personal life. Social media is to Eliza what books and work are to Henry. These two characters coming into each other’s lives will benefit them both. Eliza is not the only one who needs fixing. 

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