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POUND BY POUND: Day 11 – DailyBurn Glitches

Worked up another sweat!

Worked up another sweat!

This is the first time I’ll ever have anything negative to say about DailyBurn



So, I told you about needing to change my time zone on my account. I figured that would be the end of any scheduling issues in my program. However, when I tried to do my workout tonight at around 6PM or so, it said that I was on Day 12, which would’ve been Core 1 again. Now, I just did Core 1 yesterday, because I had to flip it with the day before due to the time zone error, so I wasn’t about to do it again. I double-checked my time zone, and sure enough, it’s now on Pacific. So…why is it telling me that it’s tomorrow?

Here’s my program calendar, which shows the entire True Beginner program:

TB Calendar

As you can see, today (the 21st) is Day 11, yet the 22nd is highlighted (the dotted line around the day) for some reason as my “current” workout. So, my finish screen looked like this:

TB Day 11 (NOT Day 12!) Finish Screen.

TB Day 11 (NOT Day 12!) Finish Screen.

Also, 715 calories burned?! I’m sorry – I definitely worked hard – but where is that number coming from? There’s no WAY this workout burns 715 calories on ANYONE. Unless you’re doing the moves with 20 lb weights attached to your arms and feet or something.

Since I’ve completed the True Beginner program once before, I’m not too concerned about it. I’m just going to stick to what the calendar says no matter what the day counter says. I just don’t understand why the site is glitching like this all of a sudden. I’ve never had a problem like this before. I’m wondering if they’re doing maintenance, and hopefully all these kinks will be worked out soon?

Anyway, I did my workout. Huzzah. And for those of you following along, The “Day” in the titles of my blog post will always be the correct number, no matter what my Finish Screen photos say. *sigh*


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  1. Kathy

    How do you get to the screen that shows you how many calories you burned?

    • Teresa Jusino

      That usually comes up at the end of the video automatically once you’re done!

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