The pot of ice I dumped on myself last night.

The pot of ice I dumped on myself last night.

So, I was finally tagged in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yesterday (by both my sister, Janette, AND my friend Katie L. in NY) after I wrote this piece on yucking charitable yums! I’m getting this video up under the wire, as I was told that I was tagged on my walk to work between 11 and noon yesterday. But I recorded the video yesterday at 8PM after work, so technically I DID the challenge WELL within 24-hours. 🙂

Sorry about the crappy quality. I did it after work, so it was dark out in front of my apartment by the time I got home, and streetlights don’t light as well as you’d hope. Also, I asked The Boy “Can you see me?” in the video, and The Boy said yes. I probably should’ve been more specific and asked about lighting – but I wasn’t about to stand out in the chilly night air in a tank top figuring it out. I did it, and it’s done. 🙂

And now, I nominate: Heather Harris, Mairghread Scott, and Lindsay Sawyer! **Remember: You have 24-hrs to complete the challenge from the time I tag you! And you’ll donate either $25 to the ALS Association if you DO make the video, but $100 if you don’t. Do you accept the challenge?** (I totally forgot to mention tagging them in the actual video. Mostly because I was cold!)

And I’ll be making my $25 donation to the ALS Association (sorry I called it the ALS Foundation in the video – though technically you can donate to “any ALS charity of your choice”) tomorrow!

Also, I’m likely going to also be donating to a charity called Bottles and Bookbags in South Carolina, mostly because this woman did an Ice Bucket Challenge on their behalf, and I saw her video and DIED LAUGHING. 🙂 Humor really is the best way to get people to do things! So, if helping young mothers is something that matters to you, you might want to throw this org a couple of bucks too, if you can.

Anyway, that’s it from me on the Ice Bucket Challenge front! Enjoy! And remember to send your support over to the ALS Association! You can totally just donate! Ice not necessary! 🙂