Link doesn't need that loot.

Link doesn’t need that loot.

My final SDCC-related article is now up at Beacon – and it’s a bit different than the usual Comic-Con fare.


I realized it was quite possible that this family had not attended Comic-Con at all. That they were possibly just locals who found the postcard for free food, got in line, and were saying they were attendees at Comic-Con to save face. After all, Comic-Con is an expensive proposition for a single person – I wouldn’t have been able to afford attending had I not had a press badge – but for a family of three? Then again, this could be one of their only splurges, the one time a year when they can do something fun as a family. I didn’t know if her past situation at a shelter was also her current one or not. I don’t know why the older girl was carrying clothes around with her. I wasn’t sure about any of it, and I would never have asked. We all got our sandwiches, wished each other well, and went our separate ways, and I watched as the older girl shoved several bags of chips into her clothing bag. 

I couldn’t stop turning Desiree’s words over and over in my head: Whenever people write stories about this, they never take it to the streets. The following day, as I walked from the convention center to the Sofia Hotel to conduct my interview with Nicole Perlman, I noticed that road between was littered with poverty. Here I was, on my way to a “fancy hotel” to conduct an interview and brushing past homeless people to get there. I didn’t have any cash on me that day – only my debit card – so I couldn’t give anyone money. I thought about how people always talk about SDCC doing great things for San Diego’s economy, which I’m sure it does, but that those “great things” don’t seem to make much difference to the people on the streets. 

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