Photo by David Flores.

One of the highlights of SDCC this year for me was getting to meet Nicole Perlman, screenwriter on Guardians of the Galaxy, which opens today. As part of my SDCC coverage over at Beacon, I just posted an interview with her where we discuss the film, women in the film industry (especially in sci-fi/action-adventure movies), and bridging the gap between Hollywood and the scientific community.


One of the highlights of my time at San Diego Comic-Con was a panel I attended called Behind the Scenes of Science Fiction Film and TV, which featured some of my favorite sci-fi creators! Moderated by Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy Blog), it included Jane Espenson (Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Husbands),Amy Berg (Eureka, Person of Interest, Caper), Gale Anne Hurd (Terminator, The Walking Dead), and Guardians of the Galaxy screenwriter, Nicole Perlman. It was an enlightening, entertaining panel in which these writer/producers really delved into how their respective properties got made: the problems they faced, how they handled their successes, what the day-to-day looks like if you want to create a blockbuster film or hit television show…

But the best part? It wasn’t until the Q&A portion, when an audience member expressed her excitement at having such inspiring women all in one place, that I even realized that THE PANEL WAS ENTIRELY MADE UP OF WOMEN. It wasn’t presented as a “Women in Sci-Fi” panel or anything like that. It just so happens that some of the most prolific, hardest-working, and talented people in genre film and TV are women, and those people were chosen for this panel. That realization made me bop up and down in my seat a bit, I ain’t gonna lie!

I had the pleasure of doing a one-on-one interview with Nicole Perlman afterward, and we had a more in-depth conversation about Guardians of the Galaxy, women in science-fiction, and her desire to bring the scientific community and Hollywood closer together.

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