First San Diego selfie of the week.

First San Diego selfie of the week.

I’ve just arrived in San Diego, and am about to get caught up in San Diego Comic-Con craziness. For the next four days (and three nights), I’ll be running around checking out geeky offerings, going to panels and screenings, interviewing creators…and maybe sneaking in a party or two! Plus, I’ll be having my epic first meeting with Janice Orlando (of FanFlail fame – she and I go all the way back to Caprica fandom, but have never met in person…until now!), and catching up with other folks I know whom I usually only get to see at conventions. I’m very much looking forward to it!

And I’ll be writing about my shenanigans EXCLUSIVELY at Beacon!


1) Every morning, I will post my schedule for the day – what panels I hope to check out, what interviews I’ll be doing, what events I’m scheduled to take part in, etc, so that you have an idea what to expect to hear about in the coming days. I’ll be using the “Discussions” section for this, but my posts will be emailed straight to you if you’re a Pop Goes Teresa subscriber!

2) Every evening before bed, I will post a Comic-Con Diary that will sum up, in brief, what I did, how I felt, and my overall impressions of the SDCC for the day.

3) You can keep up with my shenanigans as they happen by following me on Twitter! I’ll be posting observations/exciting news using the hashtag #TeresaSDCC.

4) Starting Monday, I’ll be writing a new article EVERY DAY about something Comic-Con related: announcements, projects, reviews, the event itself…and of course, these will all be examined through the Pop Goes Teresa lens you’ve come to know and love!

That’s right! I won’t be writing about my Comic-Con experience here at the blog AT ALL. So, if you want to keep up with Comic-Con through MY eyes, CLICK HERE to get to my article and subscribe to me at Beacon! For only $5/month, you can have access to my coverage of SDCC, as well as the work of 100+ other journalists covering all the topics you care about!

See you on the con floor! 🙂