Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday Brunch – the place where I fill you in on my weekend and catch you up on my posts from last week.

Because I know you care. 🙂

Dana, Me, and Heather at Dana's bday game night.

Dana, Me, and Heather at Dana’s bday game night.

A good chunk of the weekend (ie: yesterday) was spent with Heather, first going on our usual weekend hike at Wilacre Park (aka Fryman) followed by brunch at Harvest Moon. Then later in the evening, The Boy and I met up with her at the home of our lovely friend, Dana, to celebrate her birthday! She celebrated turning 21 for eight years in a row! 🙂 It was a great, low-key game night (Cards Against Humanity, natch) full of awesome, fun-loving people, vegan baked goods (that actually taste amazing! Dana’s a great little baker!), and lots of booze. A good time was had by all, and it looked like Dana enjoyed herself immensely, which is really the important thing.

As today is her actual birthday….HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANA! May you have many more 21st birthdays. 🙂

Today (as in, right after I press “Publish” on this post), I’m off to a rehearsal for the episode of The Lemon Lounge that I’ll be co-hosting with Cindy Jenkins in early June. Then I’ll be coming back home and finishing up a long-overdue Act 4 for the spec script I’m working on with my writing partner.

Stand by, Adam! 🙂

Wanna catch up on my posts from last week? Well, here they are in all their glory:

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And that’s it for this week’s Sunday Brunch! I hope you all have an awesome Memorial Day weekend, and I’ll see you here at the blog in the coming week!