Rebecca Comtois and Mac Rogers in a scene from “Ligature Marks.”

You know that feeling you get when you’re reading an interview with a celebrity you admire, and they talk about how they used to be college roommates with another celebrity, or how they’ve known this other celebrity in grade school or whatever, and you think to yourself That’s so crazy that all those people were just friends back in the day, and now they’re all famous?

I kinda feel like that’s how people will one day be talking about me, Mac Rogers, and Becky Comtois. 🙂

OK, so we didn’t go to college together. Or grade school. But we do all know each other through the New York independent theater scene, back when I was an actor in a theater company called Stone Soup Theater Arts, and they were part of a theater company called Nosedive Productions and our theater companies became friends (and sometimes more than friends…it was a very incestuous time). I mention the above feelings, because these are two seriously talented motherfuckers.

Mac Rogers is one of my favorite playwrights. He’s also a really great actor, but writing plays is his JAM. It’s crazy to think that I know someone quite so talented. It’s the kind of talent that I know will end up being taught in colleges, performed all over the world, and referenced in other works. And Rebecca Comtois is a brilliant actress. This woman is fierce on stage, and has amazed me every time I’ve seen her perform. She needs to be famous and cast in everything, like, yesterday.

Which is why I’m SO EXCITED that Mac’s latest play (which stars him and Becky), Ligature Marks, will be performed as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival next month! One of my big regrets about moving to L.A. (and I’ve told him this) is that I now always miss the productions of Mac’s new work. But now it’s coming to ME! And I’m hugely excited. Mostly because this play seems to involve an MMORPG, and I love me some plays about nerds.

And hopefully we’ll be able to get together while they’re here so we can pow-wow and plan how we’re all gonna become crazy-famous and refer to each other in talk show anecdotes and magazine interviews. 🙂

Anyway, local peeps should check this play out! Mac Rogers and Rebecca Comtois are names you should know, L.A!

Mac Rogers and Rebecca Comtois in a scene from “Ligature Marks”