For the past couple of weeks you’ve heard me talk about my Beacon campaign – you know, where I’m asking you to subscribe to my pop culture criticism over at this great site that features 100+ independent journalists from all over the world writing about the topics that are important to you. The one where for only $5/month you can subscribe to me AND have access to those great writers.

The one where I need to come to the table with 50 subscribers in order to land the gig? Yeah, that one. 🙂

I know for a fact that more than 50 people read me. The question is, are there 50 people out there willing to spend $5/month to do so? I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that there are! And if you’ve been thinking about it, or are on the fence, TODAY IS THE DAY TO TAKE ACTION! 

As of right now, you have 21 hours to subscribe in order to bring my Pop Goes Teresa column to life over at Beacon. Already, forty-one amazing, supportive, wonderful readers have subscribed – saving money on their subscriptions in the process! Now, I only need 9 more people to make this happen.

Can you be one of those nine? Thank you SO MUCH. I look forward to having some awesome conversation about pop culture with you at Beacon!

That link again: