Mom and Me in Guaynabo. 1987

Mom and Me in Guaynabo. 1987

I was seven going on eight years old when I first realized just how badass my mom was.

It was my first trip to Puerto Rico – or as I lovingly refer to it, The Place Where Everyone Looks Like My Parents – and we spent a lot of time in Guaynabo, which is where my mom grew up. One day, my parents and I took a long walk, which felt even longer and hotter because I was seven, and ended up at a random church.

But…it’s not Sunday, I thought.

But there was another reason why we were there. Apparently, when my mom was around 17 or 18, she led an effort to petition for a church to be built in her hometown, because there wasn’t one close enough for people to attend easily.

So, that church in the photo is “my mom’s church.” 🙂 That was the day I started to learn that my mom Made Things Happen. It wasn’t until years later that I realized that I got a lot of my activist-y ways from her.

Also…check out that one-piece shorts jumpsuit I’m wearing! I fucking LOVED that thing.