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(LATE) FRIDAY NIGHT FICTION: The Concordance of the Epic Saga of the Three Bears in Space

I’m sorry my tumultuous week last week prevented me from putting up my Friday Night Fiction. This edition of Friday Night Fiction was inspired by Experience reader, Gryffud. Thanks for commenting on the blog, Gryffud! You will be sent a purdy, signed, handwritten copy of this story! It will be the only handwritten version of it IN EXISTENCE you lucky thing! 🙂 Thanks for helping me exercise my prose muscles.

And now, for the rest of you, here’s the story inspired by Gryffud’s Three Words…


A Concordance of the Epic Saga of the Three Bears in Space

By Teresa Jusino

Below is a sampling of the first few entries from the concordance of the Epic Saga of the Three Bears in Space, the centuries-old legend written by Bera Klár that was lost to the ages until 2012, when Icelandic archaeologists discovered the tale etched on tablets buried in the Lava Caves in the Hallmundarhraun Lava Flows in Western Iceland. The legend indicates that space travel has existed for centuries on Earth in the Bear Community. The full concordance can be purchased on, as can a full English translation from the Old Icelandic.

Astronaut [as-truh-nawt, -not]
Page 2…..The Astronaut, proud though he stole the technology…
Page 5….. …Astronaut’s routine, which included replicating his oats…
Page 6…..Though the Astronaut was a horse, he didn’t think that bears…
Page 9….. …Astronaut, who always dreamed about space travel, now had a ship all his own…
Page 12….. …when suddenly the Astronaut heard a thumping sound…
Page 14….. …took the Astronaut by surprise, binding his hooves…
Page 56…..She asked if he’d come home to her. the Astronaut said “Neigh…”
The Astronaut’s Wife [th ee as-truh-nawt, -not ‘s wahyf]
Page 51…..It was the Astronaut’s Wife, and she didn’t like what she was seeing…
Page 53….. …the Astronaut’s Wife called her a “cheap, space-exploring whore!”
Page 55…..“I’m the only one allowed to lay hooves on my husband!” the Astronaut’s Wife shouted…
Baby Bear [bey-bee bair]
Page 17….. …and Baby Bear, members all of the Bear Space Program.
Page 21…..“This engineering room is just right,” said Baby Bear.
Page 25….. …which disappointed Baby Bear, even though it was never as good replicated.
Page 31…..Baby Bear was young, but he knew a thing or two about shuttle engines.
Page 54…..Baby Bear didn’t want to admit it, but he had a crush on her.
Page 55…..She put Baby Bear in an escape pod and sent him back to Earth.
bunk [buhngk]
Page 55…..She slinked into his bunk, not caring what his horsey wife thought…
Exodus [ek-suh-duhs]
Page 10….. …he hoped to signal the beginning of the Horse Exodus from Earth…
Page 18…..Though the Bear Exodus had already come and gone, still they wanted more…
Page 19….. …the Exodus led them to several Bear worlds, but they wanted Earth most…
Goldilocks [gohl-dee-loks]
Page 45…..“My name is Goldilocks. I came to kick the shit out of some bears.”
Page 47…..Goldilocks stroked his mane, and immediately felt something stir inside…
Page 48….. …the animal revolution, but Goldilocks was in love, and she couldn’t hurt him…
Page 49….. …quickly dispatched of the mother and father, but Goldilocks couldn’t hurt the child.
Page 50…..He nuzzled Goldilocks, and she responded with a kiss…
Page 56…..Goldilocks would let the animals have this battle, she’d win the war…after making love.
Mama Bear [mah-muh bair]
Page 17….. …Mama Bear…members all of the Bear Space Program.
Page 15…..There was no bigger proponent of defeating the Horse menace than Mama Bear.
Page 16…..If there’s one thing Mama Bear hated more than Horses, it was Humans.
Page 49…..“Get away from him, you bitch!” Mama Bear shouted.
Papa Bear [pah-puh bair]
Page 17…..Papa Bear…members all of the Bear Space Program.
Page 15…was an idealist. His wife would’ve said that Papa Bear’s idealism was weakness.
Page 25…..He hated the stuff. Papa Bear was more an oatmeal kind of Bear.
Page 49…..Papa Bear knew that reconciliation with the Humans was the way…
porridge [pawr-ij]
Page 25…..His mother set the replicator to “porridge”, her son’s favorite…
Page 26…..Papa Bear turned his nose up at the too-hot porridge…
Page 55…..She brought a bowl of porridge in with her, like a trophy.


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  1. Angela

    Man, those animal rebellions are rough. I bet Goldilocks has some unicorn ancestors somewhere in her bloodline!

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