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Hello everyone! As you might have seen over the weekend, I posted my first piece of Friday Night Fiction thanks to a response to last week’s Three-Word Fiction prompt by Experience reader, Ian Johnson.

Well, it’s that time again!

I’d like as many of you as possible to comment below and give me a list of three random words. Do this by 5PM Pacific time today, and I will put the names of everyone who comments in a drawing and choose a name at random. I will then write a story at least 500 words long inspired by and/or using the three words that person gave me and post it here on the blog as my Friday Night Fiction.

And the person whose words I choose will receive a signed, handwritten copy of my story in the mail! :)

Comment below and inspire me!


SONG OF THE DAY: "You Gotta Grow Up Sometime" (Theme to Swans Crossing)




  1. jetpack ghost rendezvous

  2. Concordance astronaut porridge.

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