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So, many of you know that I write things. You may have even seen these things all over the internet. However, you might not know that my heart lies in writing fiction. As much as I’ve made a niche for myself in examining geeky pop culture through a Feminist Brown Girl lens (and enjoyed the hell out of it), all I really want to do is make things up for a living. It’s why I want to write for television. It’s why I want to write comics. It’s why I have a box full of notes for a novel and chapters of that novel languishing away in a folder on my desktop. That chapbook that is available for sale right here on this very blog? That’s got fiction in it!

And so, in order to get back to the thing I love, and to exercise my prose muscles (I’ve been writing a lot of scripts lately), I’ve decided to include more fiction on The Experience!

But I’d like your help.

You see, I’ve always been the kind of person who works really well with guidelines when she writes. I think that’s why I’ve gravitated toward television – because that allows for creativity within a structure. Someone tells you “Write a story about this,” and you figure out the most creative way to do that within a set of parameters. Rather than seem stifling to me, I love how that kind of thing forces me to be more creative; forces me to figure out how I can put my personal stamp on this thing someone’s given me to do.

This isn’t to say that I don’t have original ideas. Au contraire. My head is bursting with them. What I’m not bursting with at the moment is the facility with which I can put those ideas down in print. My fiction muscles need exercise, and to get that, I’d love some guidelines to get me going.

So, here’s where you come in.

I’d like as many of you as possible to comment below and give me a list of three random words. Do this by 5PM Pacific time today, and I will put the names of everyone who comments in a bag and choose a name at random. I will then write a story at least 500 words long inspired by and/or using the three words that person gave me and post it here on the blog on FRIDAY in a new weekly feature I’m calling Friday Fiction.

Because I’m creative.

And the person whose words I choose will receive a handwritten copy of my story in the mail! 🙂

Because I’m old-school like that, and think handwritten things in the mail are cool.

So, go on then! Comment below and inspire me!


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  1. Cathy


    • Unfortunately, you missed the deadline! 🙂 I already did the drawing, as the deadline was 5PM Pacific Time yesterday. But don’t worry! I’ll be doing this again next week!

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  3. April

    To Live, Laugh, Love the LA way!

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  5. Horchata.

  6. High

  7. Anthropomorphic

    I love this idea

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