Poor little neglected blog! Don’t worry, I’m back to take care of you…

I’ve had some GirlGamer.com posts go up since I last wrote, so I figured I’d pimp those out to the comic fans out there! Check out the links below:

Werewolf of NYC 1

THE KICKSTART: The Werewolf of NYC: A piece I wrote about my talented friend, artist Edwin Vasquez’s, latest comic project, The Werewolf of NYC, and its (now successful) Kickstarter campaign.

Adventures of a Comic Con Girl cover

INKED: The Adventures of a Comic-Con Girl: I have too many talented friends doing amazing things! This piece is about my pal Dana Braziel-Solovy’s first comic, The Adventures of a Comic-Con Girl, which is now on Issue #3.

And my most recent INKED column at GirlGamer, which posted today:

Saucer Country #10 cover

INKED: Saucer Country: My review of the Vertigo series, Saucer Country, written by my Older Brother in Writing Across the Pond, Paul Cornell.

Now, get out there and buy some comics! Support indie titles and local comic shops!