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Chicks Unravel Time – Available NOW!

I spent my blogging time yesterday being angry at Tony Harris, when what I should’ve been doing was focusing on the release of an all-female Doctor Who anthology of which I’m lucky enough to be a part!

CHICKS UNRAVEL TIME was released yesterday, and I’m so thrilled it’s finally out in the world! My essay, “All of Gallifrey’s a Stage: The Doctor In Adolescence,” appears in it, and I’m very proud of it – mostly, because it’s the result of me stepping out of my comfort zone and writing about a Doctor I didn’t particularly like at first. It’s a great book with an amazing list of contributors. Even if you could give a shit about MY writing, I’d highly recommend this book for the rest of the talent that’s in it!

Chicks Unravel Time, edited by the fabulous Deborah Stanish and the wonderful LM Myles, is available NOW wherever books are sold!

BTW – If I were doing a series of readings in the Los Angeles area…who’d come? đŸ™‚ (comment below!)


Why, Tony Harris?



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  1. Matthew Golub

    How can we get one of these books in wrapping paper with your autograph in time for Chanukah (Dec. 8)? What needs to happen to make that happen?

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