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Tor Post: “Doctor Who – The Angels Take Manhattan”

Well, here it is, folks! My last Doctor Who review at until the Christmas special!

Goodbye, Amy and Rory. I will miss you.


I cried. Buckets. Not stoic, noble, dignified tears, either. I’m talking snot-drippage and heaving. I’m talking the kind of crying kids do, because they’re, like, four and they don’t know what else to do with themselves. It was worse because I was alone, watching “The Angels Take Manhattan” at 3am on, because I couldn’t watch the broadcast earlier in the day. So, I was heave-sobbing all alone in my room as I watched the Doctor heave-sob over the departure of Amy and Rory.

Damn you, Moffat.

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  1. Eric Friedman

    Teresa; found this in a simple Google search for Rory & Amy…. Saw the NY skyline & had to check it out… Go figure; it’s YOUR blog!

    ~ Eric

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