Grimm is back! YAAAAAAAY!

What isn’t back are my weekly reviews. Grimm coverage is going to be handled a little differently over there from here on out, and a little less frequently, but you can check out my write-up on the two-part season two opener of Grimm now! And I just might be keeping up my weekly reviews here at The Experience, so stay tuned…


Full disclosure: I have a thing about memory loss. With Alzheimer’s in my family, memory loss is one of the scariest things in the world to me, and when we get that glimpse in “Bad Teeth” of Juliette losing Nick in her memory, it was more frightening to me than any monster they could come up with. Having Juliette wake up and not know Nick nearly tore my heart out, and this will be one of the more interesting storylines on the show to me now. I’m interested in seeing how Juliette will change while undergoing this experience, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Nick now handles balancing his relationship with Juliette and his life as a Grimm now that he’s literally been given a blank slate with which to start over. He’d better do things right the second time around, because he screwed up the first time.

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