One of the benefits of being in my line of work is getting to sit down and talk with nifty people about the cool stuff in which they’re involved. One such chat was with Alexis Denisof (of Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse fame) about his latest project, a web series from Warner Bros and Bryan Singer called H+: The Digital Series.

I lucked into another interview with one of the series’ producers, Jason Taylor, when he happened to start chatting with me in the press room about my laptop before I even knew who he was. I was having an issue with my laptop, and we started talking tech. Then I asked him if he was a fellow reporter, and what was his outlet. He said, “No. I run Bryan Singer’s production company. My name is Jason.”

*GULP* 🙂

Anyway, check out the result of my SDCC press pass and willingness to strike up conversations with strangers over at!


We joke about it all the time. One day, we’re all just gonna have chips in our heads and we won’t need things like TV or computers anymore. But what if that actually happened?

That’s the starting point for a new web series produced by Warner Bros. and Bryan Singer called H+: The Digital Series, which launches next week. Although, “web series” is a bit of a limited term. Web experience, more like, as H+ is going to be hugely interactive, allowing viewers to watch episodes out of order, edit them together differently, and create their own experience of the world, much like the characters are able to do with their web experiences in the context of the show.

I had the chance to speak with H+ star, Alexis Denisof (Angel, Dollhouse), and producer, Jason Taylor (Bryan Singer’s Bad Hat Harry Productions), about this unique and exciting sci-fi project.

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