Zachary Levi hosts a “Conversations for a Cause” panel at SDCC 2012.

When I was at SDCC, I also had the pleasure of going to my first NERD HQ, first just to hang out, then for the Grimm signing and Q&A event, and I loved it! Check out my latest piece at about Zachary Levi’s awesome collective of nerds!


A big part of that warm, friendly vibe was due to Levi. I’ve never watched Chuck (though I plan on remedying that immediately), so I wasn’t really familiar with him before seeing him host a panel at NERD HQ, and I was impressed by how genuine and humble he is. He engages with fans as equals, and seems honored to be in a position to both deliver a unique experience and bring those fans together. The staff follows Levi’s lead, and that sense of community is reflected in everything they do. The fans give the love right back, taking pride in things like their latest Nerd Machine purchases, or their NERD number (the earlier you joined the Nerdvolution, the lower your number – Levi’s is 1), fostering a welcoming, friendly environment for each other.

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