Photo of one of my photogs of choice – Ms. Emily Heyer modelling her SDCC press badge, because I love forcing people into cheesy poses. That’s why SHE’S the photographer, and I’m the writer.

My last SDCC-related post is up at! It’s the SDCC 2012 Cosplay Round-Up with some fabulous photos by Emily Heyer (follow her on Twitter at @GotThatMoxie).


SDCC is geekdom’s largest showcase, so it’s no wonder that cosplayers prepare elaborate costumes all year so that they can bring their “A” games to Comic-Con. That said, this being my first-ever SDCC, I was surprised by how few costumes there were. Cosplay round-ups past have made it seem like there’d be costumes galore, so I was surprised by how few and far between the costumes seemed as I walked around the convention center and San Diego. Perhaps someone else who went can comment below and tell me how this year compared to previous years as far as number of costumes at the con? In any case, there was still plenty to catch my eye. This was Comic-Con after all, and tons of people arrived ready to make a splash!

For photos galore, and to comment on the SDCC cosplay this year, CLICK HERE.