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Tor Post: “The Joss Whedon SDCC Firefly Talk You Might Have Missed”

Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, Tim Minear, Sean Maher, Nathan Fillian, and Joss Whedon. (Summer Glau is next to Whedon on the floor, but that tattooed dude got in front of me so I couldn’t maneuver! A photographer, I am not.)

We’re in the home stretch of SDCC posts, Ladies and Gentlemen! 🙂 Karin Kross over at did a great write-up of the Firefly 10th Anniversary SDCC panel in Ballroom 20. I, however, was lucky enough to get into the Firefly 10th Anniversary press conference immediately afterward, where I got to hear a little more in-depth discussion about Firefly and what it means to the creators and cast.


One of the more interesting quotes of the day came from Whedon, when a reporter, who brought up Star Trek as a more hopeful look at our future and Firefly as a less utopian one, asked him what he thinks Firefly says to us about our future. “We’re doomed? [laughs] I don’t have any faith in mankind, but I love my friends desperately, and the faith that I have is in their ability to band together when things are appalling and protect each other. That is the definition and biological reason for family. And created family is what I believe in. And so, no, I don’t think we’re gonna solve the problems and have the Federation…”

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  1. Angela

    Yeah yeah yeah, interesting, well written, makes me love them more. What I really want to know about is the Q&A incident with Adam Baldwin. Your tweets were too mysterious.

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