Geek Girl Traveler will no longer be a running feature over at ChinaShop Magazine. Awwww. BUT, that just means more time for this here blog! So, yay? 🙂 (and there’ll be a bit of a change in focus here at the blog. Stay tuned!) Anywho, check out my fabulous final travel feature over at ChinaShop – a piece on Unique L.A, a great marketplace at which you can check out the best local artisans L.A. (and the Pacific Northwest) has to offer!


These days, more and more people are looking to live more ethically and sustainably. From buying locally to figuring out how to DIYDS (Do It Your Damn Self – I invented an acronym, OK?), people are seeking alternatives to what can be purchased in stores. While this past weekend brought us Unique L.A’s 4th Annual Spring Show, it feels particularly necessary this year.

Unique L.A. is a marketplace where over 325 specially-curated vendors gather to bring you the best in locally-made goods. Everything from up-cycled clothing, to ethically made jewelry, to housewares, food, and bath products made from natural ingredients can be found at the two-day event. Unique L.A. is actually one of many shows run by Unique, which also has similar events in San Francisco and New York.

The next Unique L.A. event will take place July 14th and 15th in Santa Monica. Mayhaps I’ll see you there! 🙂 And don’t forget – there are also Unique shows in New York City and San Francisco! So, NYC and SF residents, get out there and support your local artisans, too!