Guess who’s just been approved for her first press badge for SDCC? Guess who will get to go to Preview Night ON HER BIRTHDAY?

——————————————>THIS GIRL!<———————————————

That’s right! I will be attending my very first San Diego Comic Con this year, covering the massive event for along with my partner-in-crime/photographer extraordinaire, Emily Heyer! I’m very excited, and will be working hard to see all there is to be seen, give you lots of coverage from a first-timer perspective both at Tor and here, and hopefully not getting so lost in the convention center that I don’t find my way home.

Now, here’s the thing, while I’ll be getting into SDCC for free, there’s still the matter of where I’m going to stay (I have a couple of options I’m looking into), as well as things like, you know, eating, and spending money, and money for drinks (of which I hear there are lots). It’s my first time at Geek Christmas, AND it’s my birthday week – so I’d like to be able to have a good time and not have to be desperately worried about funds.

While I’m not doing a specific drive for this the way I have in the past for Gally, if you’ve ever considered reading some of my fiction, now would be a GREAT time to purchase a copy of my chapbook, On the Ground Floor. It’s got two short stories in it that were crafted with love. 🙂 They’re not genre stories, but they are short stories that are very close to my heart. And it’s so purdy:

Photo by Mike Bucher.

/shameless plug. 🙂 Actually, it’s not a shameless plug. It’s a very legitimate plug for a very legitimate product on my very legitimate blog. So there. If you like short fiction, or if you’d like to help me have a great birthday week at SDCC, consider buying a copy of On the Ground Floor.

WOO HOO! 🙂 More to come…