Hey there, everyone! I know that I’ve been really lax about blogging recently. I had a friend in town and frankly, hanging out with my visiting friend was more important than you people. 😉 But I’m back on the blogging train, and I wanted to tell you all about something really important.

You might have heard of a wonderful sci-fi literary magazine and anthology publisher called Crossed Genres. If you follow my work at all, you know that Crossed Genres was responsible for my first-ever fiction sale (my horror short story, “December”) to their Characters of Color issue! I was so proud and excited to know that a magazine that was doing so much to not only further the careers of new sci-fi/genre writers, but to make sure that points of view not given much attention in the mainstream were heard wanted to publish my story (in a genre I’d never tried before!). Even when later, they decided not to publish a second submission of mine for their Fat Girl in a Strange Land anthology Kay, one of the editors, took the time to critique my story when I asked her to, giving me solid, constructive criticism while continuing to encourage me. It was one of the best rejections I ever got in my whole life. 🙂

Well, Crossed Genres is in trouble. As you can imagine, this economy is taking its toll on small enterprises like indie literary magazines. The thing is, Kay and Bart have been OK with losing money on Crossed Genres, because they cared about it so much! So long as they had their day jobs, they could continue to produce quality fiction collections as a labor of love. However, they’ve recently unexpectedly lost their day jobs, and simply can’t afford to keep Crossed Genres alive anymore. Not without your help!

So, they’ve started a Kickstarter, which you can find HERE. I’ve just backed it myself. They’re only asking for $4,000, which would be just enough to carry Crossed Genres through their planned publications for 2013. Thing is, I don’t want them to just meet their goal. I want them to exceed it. This is a publisher bringing readers work from undiscovered talent and giving voice to those who are often marginalized in speculative fiction, and I don’t want that outlet to disappear. I don’t think any of you do either. I want to do my part to ensure that this publisher stays around for a long time. Let’s see if we can’t get them to $8,000. Maybe even $12,000…

Please support Crossed Genres by BACKING THEIR KICKSTARTER. Do it, because they had the good sense to publish my fiction first. 🙂 Do it, because you want speculative fiction to be a place that’s safe for diversity. Do it, because you love quality fiction. Whatever your reason, just do it.

Thank you!