SEASON FINALES ARE UPON US! Once Upon a Time‘s season finale aired on Sunday, and Grimm‘s is TONIGHT (I’ll be live-tweeting on the #grimmlive hashtag during the West Coast broadcast). Up now at is my last Grimm Special before my coverage of both season finales next week. Check out my review of “Big Feet.”


The story not only provided a suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat plot, but gave Monroe, usually a fan favorite because of the comic relief he provides, more substance than he usually gets, which was really refreshing. Not since “The Three Bad Wolves” have we gotten to see something truly resonate with Monroe personally, and it was great to see his helpfulness on the case in this instance be less about wanting to help Nick and more about wanting to resolve things after a friend’s death hits too close to home. The issues of choice and identity that this case brought up for Monroe were beautifully explored, and fed nicely into Nick’s issues with his own identity that are starting to come to a head with those he cares about most.

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