The Battle of the Network Fairy Tale Shows was back on this week! Once Upon a Time gave us a perfect Ginnifer Goodwin clone, Grimm gave Monroe a girlfriend, and characters on both shows learned some very important lessons the hard way.


Once Upon a TimeIt is completely understandable that Snow would see one’s relationship with one’s mother as paramount, considering the loss of her own mother, and it makes sense that she would consider helping someone “not lose their mother” as a great kindness, unable to imagine a scenario where this would be undesirable. This is fascinating, because of how Regina reacts. She has lost her One True Love at the murderous hand of her own mother. Yet, rather than take her rage and sadness out on her mother, she takes it out on the little girl who made an understandable mistake. The punishments Regina inflicts on Snow/Mary Margaret do not fit her crime. They are misdirected. But this speaks volumes about Regina’s tragedy. Not even losing the only man she ever truly loved was powerful enough to allow Regina to act against her mother. Regina exhibits symptoms of an abused child. She’s been so intimidated by her mother’s magic and power that she is incapable, even when she’s acquired powerful magic of her own, of punishing her mother. It seems that Regina is as protective of motherhood as Snow.

Grimm – It opens with a wonderful scene between everyone’s favorite schemers, Renard and Adalind, complete with witty banter and a deeper glimpse into their relationship and Renard’s personality. There’s the way that the neighborhood wesen have taken to showering Nick and Juliette with gifts to appease them. There’s the fact that Monroe has a new lady love, because no one deserves a lady love more than Monroe. And, of course, there’s Wu’s new condition, which seems to have moved beyond a bad skin condition. The problem with the episode was that the wesen drug storyline was just plain boring. Watching Nick and Hank actually work the case just seemed like filler in between all the stuff I actually cared about.

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