Well, the Battle of the Network Fairy Tale Shows won’t be including Grimm this week, as Grimm didn’t air a new episode last Friday (didn’t air one last night, either – the next new episode of Grimm airs March 30th). The good news? Grimm is getting a Season 2! Huzzah!

Meanwhile, Once Upon a Time aired a wonderful episode on Sunday night, and I wrote all about it over at Tor.com!


Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg have written a surprisingly dark and harrowing episode. Even more surprising are the shocks of humor they managed to inject into the script. Watching Snow White doing her signature singing and attracting a little blue bird was made hilarious when we see that she’s only doing so to swat it with a broom! The intervention scene was amazing and funny, and I wanted to punch Snow in the face myself for making Happy not happy! However, all that humor existed to take the edge off of the episode’s greater darkness.

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