I’ve been in a convention state of mind lately, hence the sudden slew of convention-related posts at Tor.com. Well, it’s not really a “slew” so much as…two. But that’s more than I usually write on the subject.

Dalek threesome at Gallifrey One.

First up is my “official” Gally write-up for Tor.com! There will be an “unofficial,” or rather, a more personal piece on Gally soon, but for now, enjoy my Top 5 Gally highlights, which include:


One of the funniest moments I experienced at Gally was in the Torchwood: Miracle Day Q&A. It was a great panel, on which sat John de Lancie (Allen Shapiro), Daniele Favilli (Angelo), and writers Jane Espenson, Doris Egan, and John Shiban. After sharing insights into the creation of the series, one audience member (the same tween girl who made the awesome yellow Dalek!) asked de Lancie a question about what it was like to voice the character of Discord on My Little Pony

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