I was going to wait until the New Year to debut this puppy, but I COULDN’T WAIT! So, as the seventh installment of The Twelve Posts of Christmas, allow me to introduce you to…


You’ve followed the Twitter (and if not, you should!), and you’ve “Liked” the Facebook page (ditto!), and now you can enjoy the blog. This is Geek Girl Traveler’s official home on the web, and it will go above and beyond my column at ChinaShop (though links to my ChinaShop stuff will be there too, natch) with lots of exclusive content I’ve got planned! If you are a geek and love traveling, join me as I combine the two. It’ll be a hoot! 🙂

As for the video above, it’s for my entry in the NOLABound program! Wanna know why you should watch it? Check out the entry about it over at the new Geek Girl Traveler!