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L.A. Year One: Getting Out of A Funk

Pike Street Market

Hey there, Five People Who Read My Blog With Any Regularity! 🙂

So, this is officially the start of my third month living in L.A. The past month has been a bit tumultuous. First there was the Not Being Sure If I’d Be Able to Get to Seattle For My Panel At Geek Girl Con. Then, two weeks later, there was the Not Being Sure I’d Be Able to Get Home From Seattle. Then, there was the Getting to San Francisco Then Home With The Help Of My Friends. Then, there was Greyhound Losing My Bag. (It’s since been found) Then, there was Me Needing to Move Out of Where I Was Staying.

Cute boy I met in Seattle

Paying homage to the Mother Ship. Felt less guilty about drinking Starbucks in Seattle, because there it IS a "local business!"

Which leads me to Van Nuys and staying with my friends Heather and Alexis. My third abode in as many months. Hopefully, I won’t need to move again for a while. I really hate packing.

Since I was out of L.A. for much of last month, I still don’t feel quite at home yet. Maybe I won’t feel at home for a long while, but weeks away certainly don’t help. I still sort of feel like this is temporary – as if I’m on a really long vacation. However, as tumultuous as things have been, I’m still very, very lucky. I have amazing friends, without whom I’d probably be living in a gutter somewhere, and I will take this – and every – opportunity to say THANK YOU. You know who you are. I don’t know what I’ve done to make everyone want to be so nice to me, but I hope I can keep doing it!

Me, Angela, and Heather at Fisherman's Wharf.

Cathy and Mr. Pibb - I mean, her boyfriend Matt - in a cute garden we found a little ways up from Lombard Street.

And this isn’t to say that it’s been all bad. After all, in the past month I’ve gotten to go on a really cool trip to Seattle (by train, which is a wonderful way to travel if you ever get to!), and I got a crash course in San Francisco (a really cool city that would be even cooler if it WEREN’T ENTIRELY UPHILL! Jeez, if anyone’s parents talk about how they walked to school uphill both ways when they were a kid, they probably grew up in San Francisco!). I learned how to edit video, visited the first Starbucks, supported Occupy Seattle and Occupy San Francisco, and saw Kevin Spacey play Richard III. I’ve attended Geek Girl Con, Long Beach Comic Con, and am about to attend the first annual Comikaze Expo (thank God for press passes!).

And today, for the first time in about a week and a half, I’m shaking off the funk of all the tumultuousness and getting back to some semblance of order and focus. I woke up at 8AM this morning, took an hour long walk, showered and had breakfast (I even read a book! Like, for fun! Something I haven’t made time to do in a long while! I’m still 3/4 of the way through Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell), then started on my work schedule for the day. An hour of work for Bob in the morning. Now, I’m in my hour devoted to blogging, which will be followed by time set aside for Tor, lunch, ChinaShop, spec scripts, dinner, more spec script work, then a teensy web series I’m fleshing out. Then, hopefully, I’ll do it all again tomorrow.

Until I finish things. Until I cross them off a list. Then I’ll finish other things.

So, if I’m online less than you’re used to. It’s ’cause I’m off finishing things. Hopefully. You know, if I can keep up this whole “discipline” business. I guess I’m gonna have to, huh? I mean, if I want to finish things? Right? That’s how it works? 🙂

And now, I’ll leave you with a photo to make your geek heart jealous:


How Does She Do It?: The Case Study



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  1. Robyn

    You moved AGAIN?! I guess you’re trying to catch up to nomads like me after staying in one place for so long. 😉

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