As you might have seen on Twitter or Facebook, I have the privilege of moderating a Whedonistas panel at Geek Girl Con in October! SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8TH from 5:30-6:30PM to be exact. There will also be a pre-panel signing that morning, from 10:30AM to 11:30AM in the vendor room at the University Book Store table (booth 308-309).

But whom will be on this panel, do you ask? I mean, in addition to fabulous, wonderous me? 😉

None other than the fabulously talented JANE ESPENSON (Buffy, BSG, Caprica, Torchwood, and her new webseries, Husbands), who has an exclusive interview in Whedonistas; NANCY HOLDER (NY Times bestselling author of The Watcher’s Guide among a million other things) whose piece in Whedonistas talks about her time spent on the set of Buffy; and MARIAH HUEHNER (IDW Comics – writer on Angel and True Blood comics, among others!), whose Whedonistas essay talks about why she loves Buffy even when Buffy is sometimes difficult to love. I get to share a stage with these women, y’all. So, if you can get to Seattle, you need to come check it out!

If only to catch me when I pass out and fall off the dais because of the sheer awesome of it all.

So, the deets once again:


10:30AM-11:30AMWhedonistas signing with JANE ESPENSON, NANCY HOLDER, MARIAH HUEHNER, and TERESA JUSINO at the University Book Store table (Booth  308-309).

5:30PM-6:30PMWhedonistas panel with JANE ESPENSON, NANCY HOLDER, and MARIAH HUEHNER. Moderated by TERESA JUSINO. There will be talk of Whedon (natch), as well as the Whedonistas reading short excerpts from their pieces in the book, plus time for Q&A, and some Whedon Trivia, where you might be able to walk away with a free copy of Whedonistas (and perhaps some other prizes!). Do you love Joss Whedon? (and really, how could you not?) Think you know everything about the man and his work? Put your knowledge to the test at the Whedonistas panel at Geek Girl Con!