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Countdown to L.A. – Officially Homeless

I’ve been neglecting the blog – and much of my more substantial online life – because I’ve been focused on moving out of my apartment in Brooklyn by the time my lease was up today.

Well, it’s done. This weekend I sold off/gave away/packed up all my meager belongings and got out of my cute apartment in Bed-Stuy. I am now officially homeless. All that means, though, is that I don’t have a legal residence for a while. It doesn’t mean I’m out on the street! I’m staying at my friend Maria’s where I’m currently catsitting until the 5th. From there, I stay at my friend Robin’s for two weeks while she and her new hubby go on their honeymoon. Then it’s off to Astoria, where I’ll be staying with friends, Liz & Alex, until I leave New York for good (at least, for a while) on September 1st.

This month, I’ll be spending a lot of time reflecting on life as a New Yorker, getting in some last licks at some of my favorite places, getting to places I’d never before got around to seeing before I go, and hanging with all of my favorite people. And I’ll be sharing it all with you.

The countdown to L.A. begins…


New York Pride!


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  1. Are you gonna *finally* go to the Statue of Liberty??? Do me the hugest favor ever and chow down on one of them cupcakes from Martha’s Country Vineyard when you’re back in a Astoria!

    • I’ve already been to the Statue of Liberty several times. 🙂 But there are plenty of other places that I haven’t…

      And OF COURSE Martha’s is on the agenda!

      • Angela

        Oh, that’s good. I thought when Cathy, Heather, and I went last year, you said you’d never been. Was that Ellis Island? I dunno. Yay Martha’s!!!

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